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Rapper Lil Pump Banned From Flying With JetBlue

JetBlue has slapped Lil Pump with a lifetime ban from flying with the airline after he caused trouble on a flight from Fort Lauderdale to L.A. on Saturday. The rapper allegedly refused to wear a mask and became verbally abusive and unruly, prompting the flight crew to call ahead to have the police on standby at LAX. ( More...

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jmilleratp 15
Rappers usually want to go to prison to get street cred. Maybe that's what he was going for here.
Dave Steele 14
“Whatchu in fo, bruh?”

“Not wearin’ a mask on a flight, yo.”

“You bad, my man.”
olsende 3
sparkie624 4
If he keeps up... He may be successful!
pagheca 3
fines should be proportional to income, like in Norway for example
James Driskell 23
You can't fix stupid!
Turns out you can’t even quarantine it.
No, but you can and someone should have mal-thumped him. Then maybe he'd understand!
Mike Murphy -9
Stupid is believing in this covid crap
Why don't you tell this to the 330K+ of your fellow Americans that have died from it!
See my first comment!
Ken Lane 2
Which comment is that which answers my question?
Ken Lane 1
How many died from ONLY the virus? Answer that one.
Jed Dunkin -4
Driskell why don’t you prove they did. If you are going by believing what Fauci and the CDC have published I wouldn’t believe them if they told me the sky was blue, I would have to go outside and check first. I spent a day when they said in an area on the East coast had over a thousand deaths in one week so I pulled up on the Internet all the funeral homes in 4 counties around that area to see how many funerals they were having. They averaged between 8-12 per funeral home.Absolutely no where near the deaths they were reporting and I only found a few old people that were reported to have COVID-19. You know when they give the hospital $12,000 dollars for every death certificate and $40,000 for every one that had a ventilator you don’t think they are signing every death certificate Covid.
Mike Murphy -3
They didn't die from covid genius
patrick baker 22
nobody gets to be above common sense health care guidelines designed to stop the spread of this undisputed killing and sickening agent. Name change for this genius: Little Sense or Little Cents may do the trick...
Roger Anderson 24
More like Lil Dumb. If he was doing so well, why isn't he chartering a private jet?
sparkie624 2
He may have to know! Even if he can't afford it!

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Torsten Hoff 19
Having seen the comments you craft, you should be the last person to take others to task for spelling and grammatical mistakes.
Torsten Hoff 9
Some recent gems:
uapilot 4
If you ever typed on an alleged “smart phone” then you would not be so critical as the idiot phone has a mind of its own and creates more misspellings than corrects!
sparkie624 4
Isn't that the truth... The Auto Correct is a worse speller than I am.... And that is saying something.
Robert Kochman 13
Autocorrect can gi straight to he'll
Robert Mack 3
I can relate!!
Ken Lane 2
Siri is hardly dependable as well.

I have a contract employee who was gone for part of the day getting lab work for a pending procedure. I sent a text in the afternoon asking, "Are you back home yet or still getting poked on?"

At first, Siri translated my speech perfectly. I was just about to say "Send" when I suddenly noticed the text changed. "Poked" was changed to "F...d".
sparkie624 2
Not surprising.... I find that many times, Artificial Intelligence is anything But!
sparkie624 2
Actually it is more of Microsoft Auto Correct which should be renamed to Auto Error!
Eddie Guild 28
Airlines and passengers do not need idiots like this flying should be a total ban on this idiot!
Jim Quinn 14
Lil Pump? Lil Punk is a better fit. Another kid that probably should have had a regular attitude adjustment, aka "a$$-whipping," when he was younger. Or he could still get it now.
Chris Croft 8
The extremes that some "performers" will go for these days,to look and act ridiculous, is astounding. Years ago on the Johnny Carson Show, Tiny Tim was America's oddball. He would be button down mainstream by today's standards
Lil Pump
He get the dump
Beeecos he wear no mask
Don"t wanna see him at the gate
We all thank you
Jet Blue
Paul Miller 6
That's One young man that needs some attitude adjustment or maybe even extended counseling !!!!
Why can't he just fly on a private jet if he can't follow the rules complete idiot.
a1brainiac 3
They wrote the headline like I should have any idea who this idiot is. Some celebrity, flying JB.
Anyone who looks as disgusting as "IT" should not be allowed to be seen in public.
Phil Ross 2
When the brains have left the body, don't argue with the remains!
sparkie624 1
I like that comment! Will have to remember that one.
Sounds like he was trying to stir up some controversy for publicity sake. This could be because his music is perhaps some of the worst I've heard. But, then again I'm being gracious to him. The truth is he simply is an .......(you fill in the word).
Rick VanSice 2
A punk...looking for and got 15 mins of "fame" for being an asshole.
Carl Smeraldi 2
Excellent arrest that piece of
Larry Morgan 2
They need to ban everybody who's name starts with "lil".
Doug Bracey 3
msetera 2
Boot scrapings like him shouldn't even be allowed in the baggage hold.
A picture is worth 1,000 words. No further comment ...
the young man was obviously trying to show his "contempt" for rules and his support of d j trumps "pooh poohing" of wearing masks..i have never heard of this person, but in his photo he looks to be pretty young, and from his actions, very immature!
Ehud Gavron 1
There's nothing wrong with being a tatted nose-ring drug-using anti-authority punk kid.

But no mask - that's a reason for a lifetime ban. That's risking OTHER people's lives.

How far we've come that we even accept the former. Definitely not the latter.
sparkie624 1
"How far we've come" I think you mis-spoke.... More like "How Far have we Regressed"
clarify 3
Because tattoos and nose rings, which really don't affect anyone else, are reasons to deny someone service? That wold be a regression. I'm sorry your sensibilities are so fragile.
And this entire thread has turned into a f*** hollering contest. It's difficult to engage in a battle of wits with someone how comes to the fight unarmed!
Jackson Franco -8
Welcome to Biden/Harris' America.
Yes. It is about time a responsible adult started doing something to control the spread of COVID-19.
Jackson Franco -3
OMG, the invasion of the mask Nazis on FlightAware. The autocratic left has spoken. YOU MUST OBEY OR BE SENT TO CAMPS!
SFRobert 6
You are the one who politicized this when it didn’t need to be, just like mask wearing and distancing - two extremely easy ways to save lives. It’s simple scientific fact that wearing masks protects both the wearer and others around from covid transmission. Do you not understand that?

Covid can be deadly. 354,000 Americans learned that the hard way - so far.

Mask wearing is not a political statement. Enforcing mask wearing is not a political statement. It is a public health statement and can save lives - maybe even your own or your family members and loved ones.

Hospitals are stacking people in refrigerated trucks. Morgues, mortuaries, crematoriums, and cemeteries are backed up. And people with issues like heart attacks, accident injuries, and other medical emergencies are now waiting in ambulances for hours for beds to open up - generally by someone dying of covid.

It is a big deal. It is not a political deal. People who refuse to mask and distance are just making this all worse, keeping people isolated, keeping schools and businesses closed, and causing their fellow Americans to lose jobs, homes, and businesses.

All so people like you can crusade for the “right” to randomly kill other Americans. You should consider learning more about the consequences people like you force on those around you and even yourself. This is a crisis and will only get even worse in the coming months.

All thanks to people with attitudes like yours.

Wise up.
David Rice 1
Don’t bother trying to intelligently discuss anything with a Trump supporter. You’ll be disappointed.
Jackson Franco -4
bless your heart. turn off CNN and do the research. Yes, you are a mask Nazi, the kind of person who would put others in camps just like the Nazis did. Find the facts the truth and the light. The economy never needed to be shut down - the vulnerable would die anyway - just like in Sweden - there was no way to stop the virus. Forcing economic implosion did not even stop the virus. Get a clue.
patrick baker 3
this pandemic and the responses to it easily identify the scientific illiterates. You have been easily tagged as such. From entering stores without masks to writing gibberish badly as you have, you are foolish enough for all to notice . And avoid....... masks equating to concentration camps: too dumb to even comment upon....
SFRobert 1
I cannot argue facts with someone like yourself who simply refuses to see or understand.

Good riddance to you too.

And here is the WHO:

If you are healthy, you only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with COVID-19.

The WHO recommends masks for those who are symptomatic or known to have COVID-19, and those exposed to people who are sick, but not for the healthy out in public. The guidelines are actually not that far off from each other, but there is that one difference.
Jackson Franco -4
you cannot argue facts because you dont have facts! LOL! Facts are on my side - Sweden did not close their economy and the same percentage of deaths occurred. Do the research instead of being a puppet for Creepy Joe and Kameltoe.
SFRobert 2
Denying facts does not make them go away. Sweden’s king Gustaf just apologized to his country for their very deadly response to covid.

That the USA has such a dismal record is testament to the behaviors of people like “Lil’ Pump” and yourself basically refusing to care at all about fellow citizens. Your comment about how people would die anyway is more evidence of your twisted priorities. They did not need to die. You want an emergency room doctor to leave you on a gurney and care for others while you die because you would probably die anyway? Be honest with yourself.

This is not a political issue. This is a health care issue.

And I really am done with you now. Your post history shows you are only here to troll and cause problems.
Jackson Franco -4
your problem is you categorize people into little boxes - you are the perfect little Hitler. Your hatred is viral and dangerous. People like you shoot politicians. People like you need to be given heavy doses of facts and reality. You think you are so enlightened and intelligent yet you fail to grasp even the simplest facts because your world is colored with such anger at those of us who work hard and make this country great. You are an elitist, a snob and a denier of truth. YOU have made it political. Yes, virus KILL PEOPLE. That is their job. The FLU kills millions. Car accidents kill millions in the USA each year - lets be AFRAID to drive. Lets stop driving! Yeah, lets all stay home and stop driving. Moron.
Ehud Gavron 1
People like you need to shut your lie-hole. Feel free not to drive. I don't care. Feel free not to get the flu. I don't care.

If you're in a public place, wear a mask. If that confuses you, call yourself the moron.

Jackson Franco -5
What part of the WHOs directive that I reprinted dont you get, moron???? MASKS ARE USELESS for the general public.
incadrv 5
I cannot find that statement at the WHO website. Perhaps it is outdated. Here are the current recommendations about wearing masks in public.
Dave Steele -3
Everything you wrote is wrong.
SFRobert 6
Nice rebuttal. I notice you provide no sources or substantiating evidence. Your opinion, as wrong as it is, does not count. But thanks for playing.
Ken Lane -1
No, it is not fact. The Danish study proved this.

Masks are a joke.
Bob Jordan -3
Don't hold your breath waiting for an intelligent response from a tRump-humpee..
sparkie624 0
What Left Field are you in?
Dave Steele -6
Yes, let’s all be terrified by a virus with the same incidence of death as the seasonal flu.

Yes, it does: 0.2 percent.
SFRobert 9
You aren’t doing it right. You are either using totally incorrect numbers or are taking something out of context.

Let’s do the actual math, shall we?

Here’s the source for my numbers. (

We have had 20,462,501 known covid cases and 354,381 covid deaths. That’s 1.73%.

Remember, numbers get multiplied by 100 to become percentages. Not 10.

Try it yourself and see if you don’t get the same number, ok, Dave?

The high number in the 2019 USA flu death range (24,000 to 62,000), so 62,000 if you’re having trouble, Dave, is about 1/6 (17%) of the current covid deaths.

BTW, those flu deaths are from

You are not only wrong, but laughably and embarrassingly wrong.

If you guys are going to try to argue numbers, you will lose every time because your numbers are wrong. Or you are just pulling them out of a bodily orifice.

Try harder.
Brian Tilbury 4
Tell that to relatives and friends of 340,000 dead Americans. America has 4% of world population but 25% of COVID19 deaths, mainly due to ignorant attitudes like this.
Ehud Gavron 5
It's not ignorant attitudes.

It's just idiots who don't do math and believe whatever they hear on Faux News.

COVID-19 is a serious thing. Anyone who says differently isn't just "speaking their mind" or "expressing their right to free speech" -- they are ENDANGERING OTHERS.
And how many were actually from Covid? The guy killed in a motorcycle accident, whose parents sued to get COVID taken off the death certificate? My brother worked for hospital security and one day an administrator came into the morgue and directed workers to tag an extra 50 people with "Death by COVID".
sparkie624 1
That is my problem with the Results... When are people going to just stop dying of Corvid Related items... I do not remember anyone this year dying of natural Causes... guess they cured that one... UGH!
Indeed they did.
Ken Lane 0
Actually, the COVID-19 death rate is only 0.07%. And, 97% of all deaths are over age sixty, just as we were told back in April.
SFRobert -2
Since you opened the door, good riddance to Trump/Pence’s incompetent and grifting America that has now killed more than 1 in every 1000 Americans and on track to double that soon.
Jackson Franco -9
ROFLMAO! You are certainly on crack.
SFRobert 5
The population of the USA is 328 million. 354 thousand Americans have died of covid.

That is more than one in every thousand Americans having died from covid. It’s very simple math. You can easily verify both the US population and US covid deaths for yourself.

The person who you should ask if they are on crack are those in denial about the magnitude of the crisis we are facing.

354,000 dead from covid is more than the number of Americans who died in Korea, Vietnam, the gulf war, Afghanistan, and Iraq - combined.

I wish this was a crack nightmare but unfortunately it is reality. Wake up and wise up.
sparkie624 4
606,520 people died of Cancer in 2020 mostly attributed to smoking - By your analogy, why does the government not outlaw cigarettes'... Almost twice as many people died of not natural causes related to a bad habit and nothing to do with Corvid.... How many people have Corvid listed as their secondary reason for death... The Corvid has gained too much Political attention and use. It was Generated in China and they should be dealt with Harshly, but they won't because we depend on them too much as we have been sold out to them.
clarify 5
You're missing some fundamentals.

The first is communicability -- you cannot catch lung cancer or heart disease from other person. You can catch COVID from others. And the more people who have it, many of whom aren't (yet) showing symptoms, the easier it is to spread.

The second fundamental you're missing is time spans. From March through October, COVID was the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. following heart disease and cancer. But that includes the early days and periods where we were doing better at controlling it.

Heart disease is responsible for about 1700 deaths per day and cancer 1600 in the U.S. In the last 7 days we've averaged over 2200 deaths per day from COVID, making it the leading cause of death in the U.S.

These fundamentals argue for a society's and government's role in managing the crisis.

Close to 3000 people died from the events of 9/11. In terms of human loss we're currently experiencing five 9/11s per week. If 9/11 called for government intervention, then COVID certainly does as well.
Ken Lane 1
You're missing the fundamental right to liberty.

That includes one's right to remain home if they're in fear of their own safety.

It does not give them the right to force requirements upon others. But, that's exactly what the liberal leftists have done. And, people like yourself do not seem to care about that.

When it came time to fight for this land's independence you'd have probably been hiding under a rock.
clarify 0
After 9/11 you have to undergo a security check to fly within the USA. How's that for your liberty?

During WWII, those living in west coast cities had to participate in blackouts so enemy planes wouldn't able to find large populations in the dark. How's that for your liberty?

You don't have the right to shout FIRE in a crowded theater. How's that for your liberty?

You're an adult and you haven't yet figured out that our liberties bump into others' liberties? Exercising some of your liberties can endanger others and robs them of their liberties.

You wear a mask and you're less able to transmit the virus to others, endangering their health and life. That's more than reasonable during a global pandemic.
Ken Lane 1
The TSA is a complete joke. I'll never forgive W for signing that crap into law.

During WWII, the entire nation was at war against an evil empire that had attacked us. Their intent was to defeat the United States and deprive all citizens of their liberty. My dad fought at Okinawa where 12,000 died and another 36,000 suffered casualties. The entire nation was engaged in protecting their nation.

That's entirely different from forcing individuals to do something against their will for the sake of a select few who demand everyone else accommodate them. That's not how it works. You are responsible for YOURSELF.

Shouting fire as you describe is tantamount to terrorism. It intentionally creates an unsafe environment in closed quarters with little ability to defend yourself. It is NOT the general public.

Masks are a joke. They do not work. The Danish study proved that.

Now, go educate yourself.
clarify 0
Except that's not what the Danish study showed. It's been written about to death. Here are some examples:

Here's a sincere question for you -- let's say you concluded (as countless scientists have) that masks protected others from the spread from the wearer. Would you then endorse a mask mandate?

And whether the threat is humans with intent or a virus that's just succeeding by spreading its program, a threat is a threat. And that the U.S. death toll is 365,000+ humans, COVID's threat is beyond clear. That's a hell of a lot of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that have been lost.
Ken Lane 1
Geeze, find some credible sources. New York Slime? Factcheck does some good work. They're still part of the very leftist Annenberg Foundation.

"A total of 3030 participants were randomly assigned to the recommendation to wear masks, and 2994 were assigned to control; 4862 completed the study. Infection with SARS-CoV-2 occurred in 42 participants recommended masks (1.8%) and 53 control participants (2.1%). The between-group difference was −0.3 percentage point."

Yeah, a WHOPPING POINT THREE PERCENT gives you the bias. Get your head out of your nether region.

Screw the death count. Screw the virus case count. Find a brain cell, dude.

Start looking at the death RATE and the DEMOGRAPHICS of those deaths. What ages and conditions were we told were most at risk? And, what does the demographics reflect?

I hope you're not a pilot. Clearly, you're incapable of independent thought.
clarify 1
Why resort to childish attacks?

From on the Danish study: "The study didn’t identify a statistically significant protective effect for wearers, but the trial was only designed to detect a large effect of 50% or more. And the study didn’t weigh in on the ability of masks to prevent spread of the virus from wearers to others, or what’s known as source control, which is thought to be the primary way that masks work."

Meanwhile more and more data accumulates that wearing masks reduces transmission:

You're obviously the type of person who a) locks into sources that say what they want to hear and b) denigrates sources that say what you don't want to hear. That's not the best way to determine the truth.
Ken Lane 1
There was nothing childis about it. Are you bothered by my criticism of your lack of analytical skills?

The fifty percent or more seems pretty realistic to me. That's the real world. What is not the real world is the bullshit requirement of forcing people to wear masks in open air parks, on beaches or even forbidding access to beaches. That was the dumbest of all given sun and sand is important to health. Yes, there is benefit to limited exposure to the sun and grounding to the earth by barefoot on sand or other earth. The sun provides vitamin D and grounding changes improves out immunity by changing body chemistry.

Masks do not work. My opinion will not change on that. Most of this nation has already been exposed. Let herd immunity continue.

I went directly to the source providing the details on the study. It did not give opinion as your liberal site does. It merely presented facts. Did you happen to notice all the areas your source operated? And, how does a mere 0.3% support her OPINION?
He lists - a far leftwing biased site. It was founded by a Reagan supporter, but after his death, the family took it off the rails to the left, with current ties to Bill Ayers and Obama. No bias there, right? I almost spit my drink out on that one, LOL!
Ken Lane 1
Yes. And overall, Factcheck is more reliable than others, especially the crooks at Snopes. But, it's still run by Annenberg Foundation which is far left.

Here's a counter from the left-wing source. Note the effect they claim. So, the effect is 15%. And, the chance of death... 0.07%. But, if we had gone with Sweden's method, it would be 0.5%. And, those most at risk remains the same. Some deaths, you cannot stop.

Never mind how crooked the death numbers are. Thank the idiots in Congress for that.
SFRobert -1
Well, sparkie, as tragic as smoking-caused deaths are, smokers are for the most part - though not entirely - killing just themselves.

BTW, it’s covid - not corvid. Does your mom know you are posting this drivel?
Ken Lane 0
Do your parents know you hate liberty?
sparkie624 -1
Either way... Everyone else knows what I meant!
Jackson Franco -1
you are a sad little nazi. your kind would strip everyone of their rights and freedoms based upon your idea of what is right. you are dangerous and moronic. you want no diversity of thought or ideas - it is your way or the highway. the perfect leftist dictator. the perfect Antifa or BLM activist. Everyone else is wrong.
SFRobert 4
Trust me, I wish you were right. But you and Dave have a lot to learn before anyone should ever let you out in traffic.
Dave Steele -2
354000/328000000= 0.001079268292683

That’s .001% (based on your numbers) for those of you in Rio Linda.
SFRobert 5
No, it’s not. The correct answer is 1.73%.

The entire US population has not had covid. Arguing with you trumper/deniers is like arguing with cows or sheep (possibly the more apt analogy). They are incapable of understanding.
Ken Lane 1
A study early on has shown actual infections are between eight and twenty times confirmed cases. That means at least half the nation has been infected and were asymptomatic. The number is nearly the entire nation.

Now, tell us... what areas still have the spikes? Why, I believe it's those cities that have most demonstrated a hate for liberty.
Ken Lane -1
And, how many died from ONLY the COVID-19 virus? What percentage?

And, what were the issues with the remainder?
Ken Lane 0
Tell us, what exactly should Trump have done that he did not do?
Jamar Jackson -6
Lil Pump trying to act Hard for Trump.
msetera -2
What an idiot comment.
Mask Covidians. That is what you are. Pilots are supposed to be healthy people, but you guys must have some very poor health if you are that afraid of this corona virus.
Mike Williams -2
For those who do not wear masks, I WISH YOU GOOD LUCK. If You do not for some reason medically reason will get another reason in the medical building.
All should live forever even you. Impossible. Die young not good.
You do know that the mask does not prevent the wearer from catching it. It provides no protection at all to the wearer as it works only one way.


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