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Delta CEO Confident There Is a 'Turning Point' for Travel This Year

While COVID-19 continues to hinder travelers around the world, Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian wrote in a New Year's memo to employees that he was confident a "turning point" for the travel industry is ahead. ( 기타...

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I don't see it till the 4th QTR.
Tim Dyck 2
The optomistic in me says third quarter but the realist in me agrees with you. I hope the optimist is right.
As a corporate travel agent for over 20 years I can’t wait for travel to pick up again. Hopefully sooner than later. 3rd quarter 4th qtr too far out.
ewillia4 2
It will be several years before vaccines are "readily available." Meanwhile, although the UK mutation is not expected to render the vaccines useless, the South Africa mutation has done so.
Tim Dyck 1
I think that a plan that doesn't rely on vaccines is the best way to proceed. Coronaviruses mutate, not a often as influenza viruses but still too often to put our faith in a vaccine. Social distancing and sanitation seem to best defence but with more and more evidence that masks, at least the cheap paper or cloth ones, are not enough protection to replace social distancing then the airlines need to adapt. I think as we learn more the airlines will have a clearer picture of what to do, in the meantime it's going to be a learning curve.
My next trip is aiming for April 2022. I don't want to go through the cancelling show again!
mmc7090 0
Interesting fact America just seated a draconian fractional coalition and removed an optimist essentially moved from a builder to a nope hope change thing.


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