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All Travelers Headed To The U.S. Will Require Negative COVID-19 Test Result

According to a new report, the CDC will sign off on an order stating that anyone entering the United States from January 26, 2021 and beyond will need to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test result before boarding their flight. ( 기타...

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Sure shut the gates now when the flood has already settled in the low lands
Yes, LOL ? THAT should have been done Nine Month's ago ?
JR Lazar 3
Can someone please explain to me? If I get a covid test here in the U.S., then board a plane and travel to an international destination for a week's vacation, I will have to get a covid test at my destination to be able to return home? Is that how this works?
Yup, but no explanation where one might get a test, or how long the line might be.

I presume non-residents looking for a test in another country are probably not a huge priority.
Money talks. USD$ have a tendency to make things happen in vacation spots.
JR Lazar 1
huh. so that will be fun.
Yup. I need a test to board from US to France and would need another one on the way back. Fun. Basically spending your time abroad finding a testing location in sometimes remote places.
so why go?
That is how I understand it as well. When in Berlin in Sept. 2020, you could get a Covid test at the main train stration, with results via website in 24 hours......that is my plan when I return in a month or so.
k1121j 5
well you thought airlines were hurting before. This is the reason i have canceled my travel to costa rica three time last year because a PCR test was impossible to get 72 hrs before arrival in the country. its still taking 4-5 days for pcr test results
As a condition of travel, that should be the case at every airport and seaport in the world.
This policy will likely be modified to include a proof of vaccination. There will also be guidelines for proof of having had the virus and recovery since the newest studies indicate at least 5 months of likely immunity. The virus is serious, and should have been taken more seriously sooner.
I know they will accept proof of a positive covid test, with doctors note for 2 weeks to 3 months after the documented positive covid test. Aruba did it first though
“... proof of vaccination.” Let’s hope so. I just got the first Pfizer shot here in Saudi and will get the second one in 13 days. The rumors here say we will all get “Medical Passports” after we receive the second shot which I hope is true and if so, the USA will accept it. I fly to the States at least twice a year visiting family and friends.
I’ve heard that, too.
In the old days there used to be an immunization card for your malaria, yellow fever, smallpox etc shots that you carried around with you along with your passport in certain parts of the world.
This would be better than multip,e Covid negative tests every few weeks, no? Also, some countries would require those tests from only approved provider services. Who will make a financial killing. Not exactly the best way forward.
ADXbear 4
About time, why that wasnt required long ago is beyond me..
You are right.
Unless the tests are administered at the cockpit door, this is completely useless. What do you think happens between the test and the airplane? 15 seconds after a test on average you touch your face, you are proximate to dozens of people before even arriving at the airport, and hundreds more inside the airport. A test result is only good at that moment in time within a certain area or environment. This poses WAY MORE economic hardship than good.
We must understand that perfection / 100% certainty is NOT the objective but mitigating risk to the highest degree possible is.
Give me a down vote if you believe this virus was a coincidence.
Sally225 1
As well they should be......
And yet the new administration is going to allow thousands and thousands of UNTESTED people across the southern border, to disperse all over the USA.
Complete LUNACY and dangerous to us citizens of the USA
a Trump supporter
Yep follow the leader (Canada) where is is the law now.
2 week shutdown worked in Australia.
That’s because you don’t have as many bozos there.....
About 11 months too late. But that said. This will make air travel safer.
Mike Mohle -5
Isn't the Biden Admin going to declare this "racist" and "xenophobic"?
Don't need your stupid political remarks here.
Well that is what was stated last year............... That is not political, it is a fact.
Lots of things were said last year! Remind us who was in charge, will you?!?!.....
OK but who said travel bans were racist and xenophobic? Was not Trump.
wiregold -1
"some very good people on both sides. " according to a very stable genius ... with advanced syphilis.
Only because he couldn’t spell or pronounce those words! Taking a cue from him is not always the best advice, is it?
No "they say" February will be beginning of a six month lockdown. Like that worked so well the last time. You are supposed to learn from your mistakes - obviously not
Where did you hear about a 6 month lockdown from??
Always be very skeptical when one uses “they say”! How trumpian......people tell me......??!!
What would YOU suggest to curtail this virus?
Biden is going g to clean up trumps mess. Haven’t you noticed, trump is wallowing in self pity? That’s has been his priority the past 3 months or you been asleep at the wheel??
Just STAY the F*CK HOME! What part of death do you not understand?
No need for that kind of language here or the hyperbole... COVID isn't a death sentence like Ebola, particularly for the young and healthy.
Excuse me but your position is flawed as there were thousands of Ebola survivors. Same issue. pandemic and the need for self-discipline which is lacking in some countries (ex: India, USA, Brazil). Hmmm, which of those is the "leader of the free world?"
And there are tend of millions of COVID survivors. My point still stands that Ebola mortality is around 50% whereas COVID is a few percent, if that, so saying "What part of death don't you understand" is needless hyperbole. Bottom line is the choice isn't as simple as saving lives vs. not saving lives - putting millions of people out of work and isolating them socially has a human cost too.

As for your "leader of the free world" bit, look at deaths per capita rather than the total numbers - the U.K., Belgium, Italy, and several other European countries are worse off.
Let's continue the discussion when a family member or friend dies from COVID-19. But to your last point, , , such an opportunity lost due to ineptitude by the "house on the shining hill".
I'm not even sure what you're arguing now. The world locked down as much as possible in March and April, and COVID still returned. My initial point was just not to get caught up in hysteria and hyperbole, and you responded with more hysteria and hyperbole...
Just stay home. If you believe that "as much as possible has been shut down" how would you explain super-spreader events such as the NCAA football championship celebration in Tuscaloosa? Storming of the House in Washington? Why are so many discussions about the personal and business inconvenience caused by COVID-19 and not life or death? That is until a mother, father, child, or friend dies a horrible death from it? Anyway, as you may have initially mentioned, this is an aviation site, so let's agree to disagree about the subject.
I wonder if the Migrant Caravans coming up through Central America will be tested?


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