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Amazon Air paves way for third-party delivery

Amazon's freighter fleet is growing so fast, the company could soon begin carrying goods for non-Amazon sellers. ( 기타...

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Half of the stuff I buy winds up being delivered by the US Post Office in the end... We got to fix what that last joker broke. BTW I only order about $100/ year off Amazon as there are far better deals by many retailers.
I do not do anything with Amazon as they leave my $$$ package near my porch and run. It is only $.
Mike I have had them all do that, I understand what your saying but know they have the lockers they can put it in where only you can open them.
darjr26 1
FedEx and UPS run their operations with their own planes, pilots, dispatchers and so on. Amazon may own some airplanes, but Atlas Air, Sun Country and others operate them under their own certificates. Seems like that could complicate things.
Actually think it simplifies things from a business perspective. Easier to manage partner than fixed assets and easier to manage during ups (everybody wants to partner with you which allows Amazon to negotiate terms in their favour) and downs in the business cyle (down times allow Amazon to trim their partner list with the partners holding the assets.
Not really "wet leases" like that happen all of the time. Sometime it can help some companies grow in size and shape. The main thing amazon does is like so many of you have said is cater to what their customers are asking for. Wally mart back when Sam was alive was like that but after his passing the kids got into only for the $$$. Besides you would be shocked how much is made in China. Like it or not it is a global world. I don't like how they don't have to have some of the cost American companies have to pay but I guess it all depends who is in office..
darjr26 0
Running an airline can be quite complicated. Automation and computer programming only goes so far in the airline industry. A wet lease is usually used for special operations not as a day to day operation that Amazon uses. Each air carrier has their own operating certificate and their own operating manuals, their own operations center and maybe their own union contracts to deal with. They can’t swap aircraft or crews with the other airlines that Amazon uses. When an aircraft goes out of service or weather causes an off schedule operation it’s really hard to get the airline back together again. Trying to do that with three or more separate airlines would be really hard. At some point Amazon is going to get an operating certificate and own and operate their own aircraft. They’re going to have too.
Some of the stuff you said is true but amazon situation is a special relationship with both the companies providing aircraft to there are other carrier that amazon might use as well if they get in a jam I am sure. Things can be complicated alright I have seen this first hand..
True, there is a difference in that regard.
It may seem positive now, but Amazon's unchecked dominance will soon control EVERY FACET of our lives and commerce (with overwhelming Chinese influence.)

Don't say you weren't warned.
Surprised you came out from the percieved safety of your QAnon dark state world my friend. Be brave!
There is something behind the scenes that people either don't know about or maybe are not aware of. Amazon is not doing their operation out of just one location like the small box carriers do. They have domestic in one place and the international in another. Now Amazon also did a smart move in they are doing their domestic in Wilmington, OH. Now some might not be aware but there used to be and still is a airport in Wilmington that used to be a small box carrier. One of the people in here said last time the went up against Fed Ex that amazon lost, but I am sure amazon did not have in place what they have now. What is so different you might ask? For those that are older and remember BEFORE the DHL merger there used to be a popular carrier called Airborne Express! Airborne Express did 125 flights a NIGHT out of the Wilmington Airport. So what better place to go if you want to move small package than working with people that did it a longtime before DHL! Fed x might not find it so easy this time to do whatever they want because they also have Atlas and ABX Air providing support to his fleets as well this time. People you don't make the kind of money Bezo's has by not planning things out.
Domestic goes through CVG too, but you make a good point.
Amazon is the gold standard for product shipments and makes all other retailers look pathetic. It is not just transportation that they are great at, it is overall customer service, rapid and easy credits for returns and a great attitude towards customers. I hope they take over the distribution market and that other vendors learn from them.
rapid and east credits for returns?

it must be just me then.
Good point
I always have said Amazon will kill UPS before it’s over. They strive to shore up the entire supply chain for goods and profit at every step. The “digital Walmart” is much more agressive and will squeeze out big players like UPS.
Now remember UPS is a trucking company that got into air freight and Fed Ex is an airline that got into the truck business.
Amazon is certainly going to give them both a run for their money it should be interesting to see what this turn into as he has so many contracts with the larger movers like Kalitta, Atlas, and others. He certainly has more capability in my opinion than UPS or Fed Ex.
i hope amazon success with this. the more airlines the better.
The last time Amazon pursued this strategy they got into a tussle with FedEx. I don’t see this ending any differently.
Amazon is going into business shipping for other businesses, not outsourcing their own shipping.
DOMESTICALLY yes but internationally they have contract with the bigger haulers like Kalitta and Atlas to move their freight all over the world. I do have to say I have see some of the prime air planes they are very sharp color scheme and they look like fairly newer aircraft. I will have to see sometime if I can catch one of their tail numbers and get an idea of the age of the aircraft he is using.
FedEx doesn't do business with Amazon any more. Worked out well for them, and Amazon is fine with it. Amazon has been encroaching on their market more and more.


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