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The Fall Of The Airbus A340

The glorious quadjet that is the Airbus A340 has been a staple of many airlines’ long-haul fleets for almost three decades. With 375 of the type sold, it wasn’t a bestselling aircraft, but was bought by more than 60 different airlines and leasing companies. Today, only around 30 A340s are seen flying per day. ( More...

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I’ve always preferred the 2-4-2 seating for long haul as opposed to 3-4-3. With many of the airlines having modernized their 340 cabins it was a confortable ride, except on SAA, where the cabins were old and especially big entertainment system boxes were randomly distributed under the seats. There was no discernible pattern, so you could not avoid the bad seats.
Roy Corrales 2
Agree with you with the 2-4-2. Some years ago we had a great ride SJO-MAD-SJO inside the huge Iberia's 346. Such an amazing machine that will be missed so much here in CR.
aurodoc 1
I also liked the A-340. From SFO to CPH on SAS and Lufthansa flights to Munich were the routes I traveled. 2-4-2 set up was the best other than the United 767 2-3-2. Otherwise the seat is basically the same as on any other aircraft without having to step across 2 people.
Toilets through the swinging doors down the stairs was interesting especially with a little turbulence.
strickerje 1
Same here; fortunately many airlines still operate A330s with the same configuration.
Bev and I also like 2-4-2 and 2-3-2 because as a couple you have no one next to you. We have flown on 767s many times and like it. We flew fro the old Tai Chek aiirport in Hong Kong on a Cathay Pacific 340 non stop to Toronto in 14 hours. Great airplane, great service and not a tiring trip.
John Hoag 6
Flew a Finnair A-340 from Helsinki to Hong Kong and back. It was a great ride, but it was a brand-new plane and an unusually (for Finnair!) cheerful cabin crew. Hated to see it go, but numbers don't lie.
Sani Erbilgin 4
The best passenger aircraft ever built. Especially the 600 series.
Russ Brown 4
How do you recognize a Finnish extrovert?
When he looks at your shoes when he is talking to you.

-hyvää päivänjatkoa
Doug Fehmel 3
Used to fly return trips on Lufthansa A340 between Frankfurt-Newark and Frankfurt-Atlanta. Always great flights.
David Stocker 3
I flew about a dozen EWR-SIN R/T's as a passenger aboard Singapore's A340-500, during the mid-2000s in the era of the two-class configuration. I was always in the back for those flights, but it felt almost like Business. Those were, by far, the most comfortable long-distance flights I ever made in Economy class. A HUGE improvement over sitting in a cramped 747 for 14 hours with transit at always over-crowded NRT, followed by another 7 hours in another cramped 747. Arrival and departure times at SIN were also much more reasonable without the stop.

I also flew in LH A340's a few times FRA-AUH and return. Also nice, but nothing like the experience on the Singapore A450-500's.
HP Baumeister 0
A350??? Or maybe A400???
Tom Bruce 2
old guy... always appreciated having 4 on the wing rather than 2... flew Lockheed Constellations and definitely needed 4 in the old days... especially over the oceans... but, the damn turbines are so reliable now
Rene Kunz 2
"so reliable now"?
Another comment in addition to my previous one 4 days ago about the 340. A retired Air Canada Captain friend of mine flew the 340 out of Vancouver to Asian destinations said the quality of the cabin air in the 340 was the best of any aircraft he flew or flew on. He also told me that the AirFrance 340 that went off the end of 34 Left in Toronto was a no brainer PILOT ERROR. In addition on boarding his aircraft to Hong Kong (as the Captain) thet took his nail clippers. In Canada I guess we are ultra safe.
Eugene Aaron 1
I agree that the AA340-600 was aa very comfortable plane ride; made several trips on that model from Atlanta to Johannesburg, South Africa. Eugene
japanjeff 1
Lufthansa's A340-600 with a bunch of bathroom in the lower-level cargo hold area was a neat experience!
I think I flew in one of these in the Caribbean. I thought it was an amazing plane.
It was Northwest/Delta.
HP Baumeister 1
Neither ever flew A340‘
Yeah, I found that out. Now I can't remember what airline it was. I usually always flew Northwest, and now Delta, because of where I live, but have flown Continental, American, and Untied from time to time.


Wow, and none of them flew it either. I could swear it was an A340, as I remember it had 4 engines, and was not the 747. It was a new plane as I remember too. I was in the last row of first (Points are AWESOME!!!) and was able to look out a window as we turned to final and saw the ship I was going to spend the next week on. Weird...

Now I'm really searching. The center rows in first were offset back half a row from the seats along the side. Hmm. It was quite a while ago.

Oh well...

It sounds like Northwest had a deal inked in, ready to go, and their engine choice walked away, and so did they. No one else, of the US based airlines of the time, bought any either. Oops...
strickerje 0
Could have been an A330 since they're the same configuration (but only two engines). NW (now DL) and US Airways (now AA) both have them.
strickerje 0
Actually if it was to/from the Caribbean, it could have also been Air Canada or Air Jamaica. (The latter had a codeshare with DL IIRC.)


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