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Rising jet fuel price puts extra pressure on airfreight sector

Fuel wasn't a focus for cargo shippers last year. Now it is. Airlines are upping fuel surcharges and what about those ghost flights with cargo the only customer? ( 기타...

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Joe Biden (or is it Xho Bi Den?) PROMISED higher oi; prices, and it looks like he's delivering.

Last year, the USA was committed to fracking and drilling. Now we're not.
Um, I think it's the market at work. More people working and traveling as we come out of COVID.
Great point Ken, because nothing encourages fracking and drilling like negative crude prices.

Don't quit your day job.
True, but it's not b/c the government is doing anything. It's OPEC tightening supply and economies operating at much lower levels, so much less consumption.
Eric, unless you are referring to the day job quip, you might want to double check because what I said is not just false, it's the polar opposite of true.
Ah, I see, you were being sarcastic. My bad.


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