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FedEx Reportedly Close To Moving Into Boeing’s Dreamlifter Center

According to reports, American multinational delivery services company FedEx is close to finalizing a deal that will see it take over Boeing’s former Dreamlifter Operations Center at Paine Field in Everett, Washington. If it comes to fruition, this deal quashes any hope that Dreamliner production currently done in Charleston, South Carolina, might one day return to Everett. It would also herald a massive uptick in air traffic at Paine Feild, with FedEx cargo flights joining passenger flights… ( 기타...

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jbermo 10
Sounds like another thumb in the eye of Boeing's intense labor union there.
I seem to recall years ago when Boeing ask to build a new facility at Payne Field that a promise was made to local residents by city/county officials that it would only be used for GA and a few Boeing flights..... Significant housing developments followed that promise.

And some people wonder why we don't trust our government leaders.....
Boeing built the facility in Paine field 54 years ago. I think they’ve paid back their debt. Compare this with airlines like American, Delta etc. who closed facilities that were recently constructed or heavily expanded in CVG, RDU, BNA, MEM, CLE, COS etc.
Not to mention the United maintenance hanger set up in Indianapolis. Set up with public taxes and bonds, it lasted about 2 years. Same song, 53rd verse...
Sounds as though FedEx intends to use it as a repair facility and not actual freight movement.
Dream Lifter or Dream Liner?
Lifter. It's the part of paine field was basically the loading dock for (the big) 787 parts.
ddljr 1
The article (confusingly) is referencing both the Dreamlifter 747 program and the production of the 787 Dreamliner for which components were transported via Dreamlifter.
boeing, like nearly all other big business, has selective memory about promised obligations, and has questionable intentions toward its unions pests. This suggests that give-aways to big businesses is not often an enduring good idea. Boeing's reputation over its 787 products is now in the unskilled, non-union hands of south carolina boeing wanna-be aircraft constructors, who make it plain that unions have little to do in improving their lives. Wrong. FedEx will cover-over the Boeing nameplate at this building, and little will remain to suggest what occured here. Must have been something contentious with all the strikes and work actions by the worker on this plantation.
Non union does not mean unskilled. The neuro surgeon who just my neck was not a union member.
Repaired my neck.
I don't disagree, but isn't the AMA kind of like a union?
point taken david on the "unskilled", but where is the tradition of quality manufacturing in south carolina and the surrounding area, mercedes and bmw not withstanding? How confident would you be upon boarding a 787 from charleston, knowing the lesser completion quality marks hit there?


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