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Boeing CEO received $21 million in compensation last year despite plans to let go of 30,000 employees

David Calhoun, CEO of Boeing, was awarded compensation of $21 million last year, even as the company reported a $12 billion net loss. ( 기타...

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k1121j 6
Hope those share holders are happy
Just plain or should that be 'plane' immoral.
indefensible in every way. Explain this to the Max customers, the 787 customers in waiting, also in waiting for a finished 787 done properly, the new air force tanker with so many flaws, the missle division: Boeing $ 21,000,000 to the leader of the boeing parade??? And an ever so small, minescule, by the way, $12,000,000,000 loss... What is going on here?
Ra1n 7
So if you were promoted/appointed CEO of Boeing *after* most of the incidents you mentioned, were tasked with recovering, and had to deal with and respond to the issues COVID brought throughout 2020, you shouldn't be compensated for your work because of past failures/issues?

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k1121j 2
You cant tell me the pay is to keep a good CEO!!! A good CEO would not have let the quality go to crap.


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