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JAL Moves Away From Flagship Boeing 777s In Favor Of Airbus A350s

The fleet of Japan Airlines (JAL) is set to undergo an interesting transformation in the coming years. While the Japanese flag carrier currently considers the Boeing 777 to be its flagship aircraft, it will shift its focus toward the Airbus A350 by the middle of the decade. It stands to benefit from increased fuel efficiency as a result of this change. ( 기타...

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Most Europeans started to think about fuel efficiency in the early seventies after the first Opec crisis while in the US fuel is still cheap compared to the rest of the world. They lost huge part of their car industry to the Japanese because of that and probably now part of their aviation industry. With the 220, 321 and now the 350, Airbus is ahead of them.
Yeah, and we're still buying huge pickup trucks for commuting and trips to grocery store as gasoline prices surge past $4/gallon. (note to Europeans: $4/gallon = €0.87/Liter is expensive here!) I swear, 99% of the pickup trucks I see around here are being used as family cars. "All truck and no tools" as I like to say.
Your gallon is 3.78 liter, I'm in Asia right now but I think in Europe you pay close to 7 $ a gallon at the moment. In the country I live, we are closer to your fuel prices and guess, it is the second country after the US regarding the number of pick-up trucks sold every year. In GA and Light sport look at the difference in fuel consumption between a Rotax and a Lycoming or continental engine. Would not be surprised the Eu will find a way to block the use of them in the future.
Joel Rugeno 6
Having flown oth models several times, I prefer the Airbus, if the fuel efficiency is 25% better, it is no brained where the airlines should go. Boeing better wake up and mo e production back to Everet, stop buying back its own stock and invest intechnokogy before it is check mate on the commercial airline business
srobak 1
lol - you know they are still ramping DOWN production in Everet, right?
srobak 3
good move on their part. and I say that as a long time 777 lover. always happy to fly one. but last year i did a 77 and a 350 back to back - and for as much as I dislike the A320 - the A350 is one fantastic ride. A serious step up from the 777.
Flew the A350 not the 777 but in what world would they not go with the newer, more efficient plane?
Justthefacs 3
Boeing was more interested in moving their corporate headquarters to Chicago than in producing planes.
srobak 0
one had nothing to do with the other. all mfg continued in place right where it was during that move.
As much as I love Boeing, JAL is doing the right thing to do here. Not only the A350 is more fuel-efficient, it is a much better aircraft overall than the B777 (although the B787 is a better comparison to the A350).

It’s a pity what Boeing’s top management is doing with the once unquestionable commercial aviation leading company in the world. Not anymore. Hope they change direction quickly before it’s to late for Boeing.
jptq63 2
Does anyone know the fuel / efficiency comparison of the 350 (900 or 1000) vs. the 777x; real or just published numbers?
jptq63 3
Just to give understanding about above question, from article -- Indeed, the airline states that the A350’s improvement in fuel efficiency vs the 777 is around 25%. --- and guessing this is a significant reasoning.
And Delta dropped the 777, but they are officially in storage, apparently. They might go back to them, but who knows. It would make sense to keep them in storage until the industry recovers fully to cover the added expense.
SkyAware123 1
25% better fuel efficiency ??? why is anyone still flying 777's if that is true? Add the better cabins to that..... seems like an easy choice.
myalias 1
A little more gas is cheaper than buying a new plane, to a point.
joel wiley 1
Sparkie624, how did you manage to scoop MH370?
sparkie624 5
It is tough now days.... I had to wake up my rooster to get it done... :)
MH370 actually posted a squawk about it a day earlier.


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