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Airline Denied Entry Into Russia After Country Rejects Route Change Avoiding Belarus

Lufthansa's Austrian Airlines was forced to cancel a Thursday flight into Moscow after Russia denied its entry. The airline had tried to alter its scheduled route over Belarus, but Russia rejected the change. The European Union has urged airlines to avoid using the airspace over Russia's ally Belarus following Sunday's forced landing of a plane to arrest journalist Roman Pratasevich. Austrian Airlines thus tried to avoid Belarusian airspace for Flight OS601 from Vienna to Moscow,… ( 기타...

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Well, the reaction on EU/German side was swift.
I was at Berlin airport - by accident - on tuesday and witnessed a full load (A320)of S7/former Siberia Airlines passengers struggling to get to Moscow and beyond because their flight was cancelled due to their flight "not having government approval" ...
So, Germany really reacted quick to deny Russian airlines permission to fly to Germany in return. Kudos.
Belavia flight from Minsk to Istanbul has to fly an extra two hours to avoid Ukraine
This increases pressure for sure.
On the other hand all flights (not limited to Belorussian airlines)between Belorussia and Ukraine are banned completely since may 29.
The first victim for sure will be Motor Sich with their Zaporizhyia-Minsk flights cancelled (those were the financial backbone of their passenger ops)
jptq63 35
Time for the EU to deny entry into EU airspace planes that do fly thru Belarus airspace....
jmilleratp 23
We should ban all Russian flights into Western countries until Putin is gone.
Then my son who teaches there will never get home.
Not only in the air, even sea must be included and highways.
Over a year ago I took down all my Russia loves Trump decorations and hung up my Covid ones, are we going back to Russia again?
Germany better think about the gas line from Russia. The Russians can really hurt the Germans in the dead of winter if the Germans do nit dance to their tune.

I wonder what President Biden has to say ?
picky 8
Russia needs the gas flowing ($$) just as much as Germany needs it.
Well, Norway or The Netherlands or even the UK are surely going to sell their gas to Germany, too.
Don´t think Russia will be able to starve Germany of gas.
It´ll be just more expensive ...
come on man
of course russia and germany benefit from this gas pipeline: russia seeks to drive a wedge into the western allies over fuel, germany gets natural gas to feed its economy. BUt both can do without those benefits as they hold out for a solution more to each one's liking.
the united states can contribute to germany's natural gas needs- new market for our companies, and Russia can sit on an empty unused gas pipeline, as economic warfare esculates. Perhaps the Germans will postpone shuttering their nuclear plants, safe as they have proven to be , to get through this tussle with Russia and Belarus.
with belarus, i suggest closing all road and rail traffic going in and out of the country. That will refocus economic priorities, and cause Russia to have to pony up economic aid to that tincan dictator in Belarus.
Ultimately the EU needs overflight rights to fly to South Korea and China and Japan over Russian soil much more than Russian airlines need to fly over the EU. Russia closing its air space to EU airlines would continue them a lot of money.
Well, remember what route(s) western European airlines took before the fall of the wall ...? Longer and thus more expensive for sure but ultimately doable and even less expensive compared to the "old" times as modern aircraft like A350/B787/B777 could do all the routes non-stop.
in economic warfare expect casualities- unpleasant as that is to contemplate. We see the first salvos now, and the idea of controntation and response being painless ought to be dispelled now.
Did Ryan get their plane back?
Well then, Russia looses
Europe should avoid, and stop serving both of these tyrannical countries.
I wonder if Putin would have been so bold, had he not been enabled and supported by a certain fascist, in-democratic former U.S. president.
So, why did this happen NOW? Your theory doesn't hold water. This didn't happen during Trump's term. Using your logic, Biden must be encouraging Putin. The answer is, this had nothing to do with U.S. politics. But I DO hope that Pres. Biden can stand up to the Russian bear. Putin is going to test Biden, for sure.
From his description, I believe he means Obama.
JUst told you less than a week ago, Russia will support their fellow cronies. The EU is just a retirement home for politicians that they created for themselves. If the locals are fed up with them they move to the EU parliament en still receive a huge salary with many benefits.
But, Ex President Trump said Putinis our friend, what is going on?
What's going on is that Trump is no longer President. Despots only understand and respect strength. Hope Biden can contain the Bear.
Don’t remember Trump saying that, just the incessant CNN reportage. Hillary gave away 20% of our uranium to Russia and Buy’ed In took away the Trump sanctions on the Russian pipeline but don’t let the real world impose on yours.
The only thing between Oklahoma and Mexico IS TEXAS!


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