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Off-Duty Delta Flight Attendant Becomes Unruly, Forcing Plane From LA To Atlanta To Land In Oklahoma City

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – A cross-country flight from California to Georgia had to be diverted to Oklahoma after a man became unruly and had to be detained by his fellow passengers and the flight crew. Delta Flight 1730 was coming from Los Angeles heading to Atlanta when a man became unruly mid-flight. The aircraft landed in Oklahoma City where the passenger was removed by law enforcement officials. ( 기타...

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Is it too early to call him an ex-Delta flight attendant?
mbrews 6
Good article and good question Torsten. Federal charges could include interference with flight crew. For civilian disrupters, airlines have sued disrupters in court to recover costs of the diversion. Doesnt help the image of Delta airlines lately

Brings back bad memories of the Lufthansa / Germanwings ? incident of suicide by pilot ; the pilot whose mental health condition were masked by German privacy laws
WELL ??? What do you think....
A report this evening on a news program stated the man was a flight attendant on a "leave of absence" from delta..he was not an "off duty" crew member which indicates someone on their days off or on a layover..the story this evening showed his picture and stated he had mental issues,which was obvious by his actions..
mbrews 4
Yes, saw a similar news update the evening of 14 June from CNN. Had suspect's name & described his bizarre behavior. The suspect reportedly boarded the aircraft wearing a helmet and kneepads (bad sign from the get-go), before rummaging about the cabin, passed a note that he was seated next to a terrorist, tried to open a cabin door !!. Attacked a F.A. trying to restrain him, in a big scrum caught on passenger video.

The video was not well lit, because cabin lights were off during night flight.
Bad decision by gate agents to allow him to board wearing that gear!
Should have been questioned. Maybe got the benefit of the doubt because of his employee status.
Does it really matter?
He wasn’t on duty.
The reason is irrelevant!
mbrews 1
Investigation still continues. If suspects mental health turns out to be the root cause, it highlights some thorny dangers, reminiscent of the infamous Germanwings case of "suicide by pilot".
pilotjag 6
What is causing these in flight disruptions these days? I really hope the FAA will enforce new laws/stricter punishments for this type of rising behavior
Sense of entitlement and no respect for other people.
Sad, but true.
possibility a year of isolation didn't help, only worsen the issue.
Although this incident and the other "stop the plane" incident are more likely just mental breakdown...
Pat S. 1
I'm guessing there is a lot of undiagnosed covid brain damage out there.
jbermo 2
The FAA would weigh in as to his required crewmember "fitness" regardless of what Delta could do after a "sick leave".
mbrews 1
Interesting - both recent flight incidents on Delta - involved flights from Los Angeles LAX airport
AWAAlum 2
Phooey - who needs Air Marshalls. Put a nun on board carrying a ruler. Worked on us back in the day, lol. But seriously, I wonder if people exhibiting these behaviors are studied in an effort to learn what is triggering them. There was a time when people put their best foot forward. Lately, it seems as though that's become something for the history books. All over - not only on flights.
There was a time where people that exhibited bizarre or odd behavior patterns were put into hospitals. That no longer happens and now we see the results of it with incidents like this or other needs by people who want to fly.
canuck44 5
Unfortunately he will be rolled past a shrink or two and declared mentally ill coupled with some minority statur will allow him to skate and accept a stetlement from Delta on his way out the door.
“Accept a settlement from Delta”???
Delta should be receiving a settlement!
that's not how it works in 2021
probably PTSD from work during pandemic
Who knows.
Could be anything, in today’s world!
When did this "lack of following rules" behavior begin? And who instigated it?
That’s the question of the year.
Good chance it started at home, where “parents” don’t give their kids the proper guidance on how to act in public!
mbrews 0
Read further in this thread . Stop looking for a group or faction to blame. The suspect Clearly has mental health issues. This forum is about aviation and safety...
Uh, do you think he was acting in a “safe” manner?
Do you think he might have been infringing on the “safety” of the other passengers?
Bet you that person gets fired.
Ya think🤷‍♂️???
So is this off-duty flight attendant the equivalent of nurses who refuse vaccinations?

He, of anybody, would have known that it would be impossible to open that door.
D Kaufman -2
I can’t believe Delta didn’t know about this unstable employee. My question is why he was still employed in a position where he is supposed to keep passengers safe.
Pete48y -8
It’s the mask Stupid! Lack of O2 and too much rebreathing CO2, not to mention all the bacteria build up in that nasty face diaper!


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