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She Fell Nearly Two Miles, and Walked Away

At 17, biologist Juliane Diller was the sole survivor of a plane crash in the Amazon. Fifty years later she still runs Panguana, a research station founded by her parents in Peru. ( 기타...

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Tom Snyder 21
Great story thanks to Tom for pasting the free link.
dodger4 6
+1 Lawrie. I can't stand this "log-in" crap to read NEWS
News should be for the sole purpose of informing you of true facts, not being a way to make money. Money can be a side benefit, but online news should be 100% free.
Because as we all know the best reporters (those with the education, training, and experience it takes to dig up and effectively communicate the true facts) always work for free.
Hear hear.
Thanks to Tom for posting a different link to the story.
I'll echo he others. Please don't post stories that require a subscription to read.
Maria O 5
Amazing story! You can watch a documentary on Youtube "Wings of Hope"
Thank you
incadrv 2
I watched that. It was fascinating. They took her back to the place where the plane crashed and then traced her steps to where she finally found someone to help her. Fortunately, her parents were researchers who lived in the rainforest and had taught her some survival skills which came in handy as she walked downstream in the water.
Pay to read? You gotta be kidding. You shouldn't put those types of articles on here.
This reminds me of Vesna Vulović from my ex-country who survived fall from 33.000 ft.
I'd like to read this story, however it's asking for a subscription fee. This sounds like an amazing lady!
incadrv 2
Watch the YouTube video "Wings of Hope." It's about an hour long.
DB Vesty 2
I unexpectedly met the filmmaker of "Wings of Hope", Werner Herzog, in the mid-80s when he emerged from the freight elevator into the NYC loft I was staying in. I offered to make him coffee and he demanded, "None of that candy-ass sh*t!" so I made him a dense pot of espresso.
incadrv 1
How like the New York Times it is to hide such a great story behind a pay wall. Shameful.
Shameful describes the NYT on a good day.
And I echo that again - clickbait is a pain in the ()*()
Same here! Very annoying.
I can't get passed the Big Demand to PAY to read this Item ? So I gave up and will MY research on that item myself !!!!!
Her book, an autobiography, “When I Fell From the Sky” is a great read.
That is one tough lady!
incadrv 2
Quit complaining about the clickbait and watch the video or read the other article.
Don't pay to read the NYT - same story for free:
DB Vesty 2
I unexpectedly met the filmmaker of "Wings of Hope", Werner Herzog, in the mid-80s, when he emerged from the freight elevator into the NYC loft I was staying in. I offered to make him coffee and he demanded, "None of that candy-ass sh*t!" so I made him a dense pot of espresso.
flyerh 2
Please do not post articles that require a subscription to read.
Total agreement
clarify 3
Multiple comments call this clickbait. Wikipedia's definition is "Clickbait is a text or a thumbnail link that is designed to attract attention and to entice users to follow that link and read, view, or listen to the linked piece of online content, with a defining characteristic of being deceptive, typically sensationalized or misleading."

I don't see anything "deceptive, typically sensationalized or misleading".

From the article: 'As she plunged, the three-seat bench into which she was belted spun like the winged seed of a maple tree toward the jungle canopy. “From above, the treetops resembled heads of broccoli,” Dr. Diller recalled. She then blacked out, only to regain consciousness — alone, under the bench, in a torn minidress — on Christmas morning. She had fallen some 10,000 feet, nearly two miles. Her row of seats is thought to have landed in dense foliage, cushioning the impact. Juliane was the sole survivor of the crash.'
Don't get anal. Call it what you may, it's bait.
Total BS that you print a con job piece like this trying to force one to subscribe to the Pravda New York Times. I'm now done with the both of you !
I remember they made TV movie about this, (yes, I am antique)….I was reading this with interest when I got an obtrusive pop up telling me if I wanted to finish the story, I would have to pay a subscription! I may be old, but not stupid. They should not run stories that try to bilk money from you!
Thanks for the free link.
For goodnes sake, stop complaining the link to the article for free has been up for 3 days..
Here it is again. Complements of Tom Snyder
dodger4 1
Incredible story of resilience and determination in the face of multiple hazards to be rescued. Almost unbelievable. Someone was watching over her. My personal philosophy is if you don't die in that crash & subsequent evac, you never will go that way.
Use any VPN browser and you can read this. Epic is one, there are a number of others.
No you can’t. I’m on a VPN. I get the ‘you’ve reached your limit of free articles’ garbage immediately.
dcmeigs 1
Thanks for posting. What an incredible story, the photos were amazing too.
C172Rpilot -1
I wouldn't line my bird cage with that was click-bate.
I think you meant clickbait, and you're wrong.
jthyland 0
Outstanding story. Thanks for the story.

Don't like it? Don't open it. Your hometown newspaper charges to read it.

You will send Trump $500 but not spend a dime for a newspaper.
No one said anything about Trump but you...

And actually, my hometown newspaper charges for a print subscription but not access to online articles. NYT says "you've reached your limit of free articles" when, in fact, you haven't viewed any. That's kind of sleazy, IMHO.
You’re right. Because the US media has proven itself unworthy of my hard-earned dollars.
No only faux news is unworthy!
The NYT has proven that it is no longer worth funding. It stopped being the “paper of record” and has decided to become the propoganda wing of the Democrat party.
Remarkable. OBTW, it wasn't "someone" who looked after her. It was God himself.
just to 'clarify'... while the story is amazing and true this is a great example of 'clickbait'.
Bu I have reached the limit of my free articles at the NY Lies.
Me too. Just don't know how you and I are gonna make it without them. BUT, we will try!
DB Vesty 1
Delete your cookies if you can. In my case NYT will notify me, but not let me read it.


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