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Travel boom puts US on track for most unruly passengers ‘in history of aviation’

Travelers, newly-liberated from lockdowns, are bringing both luggage and bad attitudes on their trips out of town. As of June 29, there have been over 3,000 incidents of unruly passengers on planes, according to data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), with nearly 500 investigations initiated. In comparison, there were 146 investigations in 2019, prior to the start of the pandemic. ( More...

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Highflyer1950 11
Just post a sign on entering the aircraft “ our cabin crew are equipped with “Tasers”…….Follow their instructions or you will leave this aircraft not under your own power and in the horizontal position!” “Welcome Aboard”
lynx318 1
How bout a sign saying, "Don't like the service? There's the parachute, here's the door, good luck!"😃
ken young 15
This surge in misbehaving passengers is based on the perception thataw enforcement is inadequate or even powerless to stop bad actors.
They scream about "their rights".
These people practically dare anyone to challenge them
Of course polluting the waters is the power of social media. The moment a passenger starts acting out, others grab their cell phones to record the event. Those with an anti rules agenda then craftily edit their videos and post them.
The purpose, to make the air carrier and law enforcement look bad .
All of the rules regulations and laws that existed before video voyeurism became a thing, still exist.
Carriers are reluctant to enforce them as their first priority is to avoid civil suits.
The entire system has been turned in it's head.
The inmates are running the asylum.
I'm not flying. No way.
sparkie624 9
If this keeps up, Flight Attendants will have to get Combat Pay!
ADXbear 9
First, let's not forget Flight dispatchers in these conversations.. no dispatchers, no flights period. Now to the story.. the rules for passengers behavior and first offense penalties need to be plainly in view at the searing areas. Crew interference is dangerous and a felony offence..

Further, alcohol needs to be eliminated in the airports.. drunk passengers must not be allowed on board?
Jack Poole 4
Travel boom has nothing to do with it. The problem is selfishness and being self-centered. People have no respect or consideration for those in authority or others anymore because this behavior is being allowed and even condoned.
lynx318 1
I'm risking downvotes I bet, but wondering if it's a generation thing factoring into this.
David Westner 3
Is this really surprising? People have forgotten how to act decently since being locked down for a year. It's not just on airplanes....there's been a lot of video of people acting like idiots at sporting events. A whole lot of pent up energy coming out in ridiculous ways.
patrick baker 10
the number of unruly passenger incidents and the reluctance of a minority of americans unwilling to vaccinate is the same problem viewed from differing views: the crux might be a selfish self-centered core who focus on perceived rights and ignore structural obligations. I owe everybody else a vacinated me so I don't spread the covid to anyone else, yet the counter to that obligation is american's sense that no government can tell anyone what to do if a person doesn't want to comply out of stubborness and/or ignorance. We see plenty of both those flaws in this covid season, and the delta variant will highlight the non-achievent of herd iminunity from the "nobody tells me what to do". Rates of infection, hospitalization and resulting deaths will follow, and we are destined to relive shutdowns, business closures , and more deaths- all fully avoidable. Sometimes i really dislike my fellow americans, the unwashed, the ignorant, the selfish ones. Pick another topic please to get unreasonable over, not a public health calamity in the making one more time.
ADXbear 5
I'm all for required vaccinations I'd cards.. no vaccine, no fly? Drive yourself. You have no right to threaten our health because you don't want to believe official sources of education.
Spencer Hoefer -8
Do they do this for other vaccines? No. Also this is not FDA approved either.
jeff slack 9
Yes, Spencer we did right up until 1976.
We used to have a small yellow passport inside the main passport for health and vaccinations.
This showed you were vaccinated for Polio, Smallpox, cholera and TB Xrays.

This was once the world standard for many years until vaccines nullified the need to carry the little yellow booklet.

.........and you better check your facts about FDA approval and other agency approvals.
billybob snaketail 5
maybe you should be required to show a receipt for a quart of bleach if you are wearing a MAGA hat.
Robert Cowling 1
And be required to inject it on the spot. It would help cut down on the idiots. I heard someone say that it's a damned shame that the death toll from the pandemic wasn't higher. I kinda feel that pain... Several family members are refusing to get vaccinated. Thank Ford, I'm not blood related to them. The stupid ends with them, apparently.
Greg S -3
"..cut down in the idiots..."

Robert, as you're the biggest idiot in town we'll have to defer to your expertise.
Andy Bowland -5
People who choose to not get vaccinated DO NOT physically attack others.
jeff slack 6
Um? Yeah, they do?
Where have you been?
Unless they're forced to show a little common courtesy by wearing a mask, anyway.
billybob snaketail 4
only a matter of time before one of these "humans"sneaks a gun on a plane.
Ken Hardy 2
Commercial US air travel is a bus trip, it only takes a few crazies' to screw up the flight for the rest, if its not on the plane, its in the terminal. glad my days of flying the " Friendly Skies " are over and my flights are just in my J-3 with the doors off on a warm sunny day at 1000 to 1500 feet VFR
Robert Cowling 1

Who knew that getting them to wear something over their mouths and noses would drive them so easily and completely insane? I traveled the end of April, and was damn glad no passenger let their mental illness effect the two plane rides I took. I had dreams the night before of having to restrain an irate 'passenger' who was freaking out endangering everyone on the plane. And also confronting a passenger who refuses to respect the rest of humanity by wearing a simple mask over their nose and mouth for 3 short hours.

But I totally agree with the current end of alcohol sales on some carriers flights. It should be curtailed on ALL flights, and in airports themselves too! Alcohol helps people procreate, and be flaming butt heads. Sure, it helps calm some people, but for others, it's a stick of dynamite, ready to go off.

The TSA should distribute handcuffs, and ball gags to ALL planes, and more marshals should be on suspect flights. They need to stop babying these fools...
Mildred Sellers -2
I have seen some of these new f/a's being confrontational and trying to enforce what they perceive as their right to POLICE the aircraft and then I watched one go to the aft and he was asleep when I went to the lav. I think some of them need to return to the class on being nice. I flew for 40 years and we used to see lots of dumb people but we didn't confront, we tried to handle it with a bit of sugar and a smile.
I hate to go by air these days and drive whenever we can.


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