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American Airlines cancels flight from NC to Bahamas when group of 30 Boston teens refuse to wear masks

An airline spokesperson confirmed that group was 'non-compliant' with the federal mask mandate that requires passengers to wear a face covering on planes. The teens then became disruptive to fellow passengers and would not follow instructions from crew members, according to the airline. The airline said the flight faced an 'extended delay' and was rescheduled for Tuesday morning. All passengers, including the ones who caused the initial disruption, were rebooked onto the new… ( 기타...

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Welcome youngsters to Adult Hood. Like the old saying from my generations Hippy Days:

SON: Mom Jesus had long hair, wore sandals, and peace'ed out
MOM: Son you are right, and Jesus walked so I'm taking your keys.
jbermo 2
It must be satisfying to be the PIC when dealing with insulant behavior. I know that I would certainly enjoy it . . . . GET THE $%#& OFF OF MY ^%#$& AIRPLANE!
i think we all understand teenagers wanting to "party",especially
after they had just graduated from high school..the question is however,did their parents and the chaperone not advise them that rules are there for a reason, and the mask wearing was required to fly,and they should follow the rules so they actually could have a good time?

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Political commentary unwelcome on this site.

Sure, what was I thinking?
You weren't.
bentwing60 -2
The Mask is the most obvious symbol that the colonies have fallen and the Emperor has no clothes!


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