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Inside United’s most premium cabin: Polaris business class

Ninety-six percent of global business travelers are now willing to travel for work over the next 12 months, according to a survey from SAP Concur in June. And new benefits that these travelers expect from their employers in the wake of the pandemic include the ability to choose direct flights (52%), stay in four- to five-star hotels (41%), and select premium seating, like first or business class (39%). ( 기타...

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I've flown in this seat several times, and I still can't sleep in it - or the last version as well. I'm 5'10 & 165 but still feel like I'm in a coffin. It's one of the best seats out there, but nothing compared to the Business Class on the 47 upper deck. They had huge bins between the Window seat and the window and you could ask for extra pillows and stretch out over the bins and really sleep. Last time 2017 I flew LHR to SFO (United's last 47 from Europe) one of the best flights of my life :) People in the nose with bigger seats (international first) were asking if they could switch to the upper deck, and one FA was so sad she cried a few times as she walked by with drinks .. Can a grown man cry over an aircraft ? Yea this one can, while she was pushed back from the gate over a hundred employees / staff walked out to say goodbye to her for the last time, and yea I dropped a few tears. Then the guy next to me leaned forward to look out the window and said " wow, look at all those people out there, and then "Wow ! that got me" he wiped a tear from his eye ..
the "polaris lounges" in the airports seem to be vey luxuroius..the inside of the aircraft "polaris first" class" cabin however,at least to me,seems less "relaxing,and more like a "mini office".i am guessing that is the plan..i suppose companies wishing to lure their employees back might offer this as an amenity..


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