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FAA says Boeing will fix new production defect on 787 Dreamliners before deliveries resume

The Federal Aviation Administration on Monday said Boeing will fix another manufacturing defect that was discovered on some of its 787 Dreamliner planes that haven’t yet been delivered to customers. Boeing halted deliveries of the wide-body planes in May for the second time in a year as the FAA reviewed the manufacturer’s method for evaluating the aircraft. Boeing first disclosed incorrect spacing in some parts of certain 787 aircraft, including the fuselage, last year, halting deliveries for… ( 기타...

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Whatever the cause(s) of the issue(s) with the 737MAX, the 787 Dreamliner 777X, Boeing has gone from world leader in aviation to looking like a bunch of bungling idiots. Sad!
Lets not blame the south and it's workers as Airbus builds 320 and 220s in Mobile Alabama and they seem to be doing a good job. IMHO it's the culture at Boeing that needs to change and it starts in that board room.
Thank you, Robert!
This isn't a 'cheap labor' issue in my opinion. It's a quality control/specification issue resulting from a faulty corporate culture. If you build to the worst end of acceptable and inspect to the worst end of acceptable, without regard to drift of production processes, you're exposed. Boeing's corporate culture appears to be so financially biased that they do not appear capable of pursuing quality in the ruthless manner aviation requires. Stockholders need to get fed up and demand a complete change in executive leadership that results in the design, test, production and support of one thing - outstandingly excellent aircraft. Do this and the profit will result.
Phil Caron 10
And Boeing thought they were saving money with cheap labor, they'll never learn that quality production saves money in the long run. Yep, shift all your productions to the South and see your sales keep dropping. These Chicago idiots can't stop amazing me with their stupidity and living in a bubble attitudes. Keep it going and witness the ending of Boeing as a cash cow for the directors and unemployment for their production staff at all locations. With all the millions they've taken away, I guess they have no issues since they can retire in comfort.
hard to argue wth that
Yeah you can.

Not 'idiots in Chicago' but F-wits.
A couple missed sales because of these issues will cost them much more than whatever they saved in labor.
it seems to me that every time boeing tryies to get out of the hole thye are in it gets deeper
lynx318 4
Everyone is overdoing this, it's a surface shimming issue and it's being fixed. Not exactly a devastating problem, mostly an efficiency issue.
Agreed it probably is a minor issue, certainly not a safety one. The comments about the corporate culture above do hold true though, imo. The fact the 777X won't be certified until 2023 is a big deal. It impacts future profits and indicates again issues with engineering and fabrication. If Boeing is going to turn around, it needs to be overhauled from the top down. Unfortunatly though BAC looks like just another poster child for US manufacturing companies.

When Boeing Corporate moved to Chicago, the management that was giving priority to engineering ended. The new priority was profit. They build their 787s here in North Charleston and there are no tours offered. Any efforts to unionize are slammed. Quality control suffered for a number of reasons, but the emphasis was build them fast. As you’re aware, the lack of proper quality control has practically halted deliveries. The Chicago Board needs to return or be split to put engineering oversight back to Seattle.
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