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Western Aviation Fuel Shortage Spreading

A sporadic aviation fuel shortage that began a few weeks ago in the Pacific Northwest is now spreading nationwide according to the Dallas Morning News. Now airlines are warning their pilots they may not be able to fuel up at their destinations and to make contingency plans, ( More...

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Tom Bruce 10
live in Sacramento area... big fires... 3 DC10s, 6-7 C130s, OV10s, S2s,, AC90s and a few other fire fighting birds flying every day + helicopters... from MCC, CIC, RDD, MFR, LMT, and Reno-Stead.... the article I read said that the amount of fuel they're using greatly contributing to the shortage...
jptq63 1
Trying to estimate additional fuel usage here... figure combined these aircraft add how many more flights? My guess would be 25 - 30; really guess is how much more fuel, so my guess to translate this into a commercial passenger aircraft would be an extra 15 - 20 B737 or A320 flights; this (if my guesses are right) would not seem to be that much more of a demand. If someone can better quantify, please do so.
Phil Howry 11
How long will it take society to; "connect the dots"?
Why do people think this is political? It's hard to supply remote airports with industrial quantities of jet fuel, involves large fleets of specialized vehicles and trained drivers. This is not a problem brought on by either Biden or Trump, it's a logistical challenge to be expected as the economy ramps up after a pandemic. We also see how sluggish the pipeline of airline crews is, trying to catch up with a demand nobody could reliably predict. Not to mention restaurant staff, and many other sectors undergoing recovery pains right now. If you're just whining about who you think is to blame you probably have too much time on your hands, time you could be devoting to actually doing something...
Jay Harris 6
Jonathan, it has been a challengw to prevent the disciples of CNN and FOX from turning this forum into a political battleground. Thanks for your post.
Gary Ondrey 0
Hard to find help when the government, your biggest problem, is paying people to stay home. You absolutely can lay the blame on this joke of an administration.
Brent Bahler 1
Extra weekly unemployment likely is to blame for restaurant workers to stay home, but not enough to keep drivers who get paid $1-3 dollars a mile to stay away. Duh.
Gary Ondrey -1
So, genius, if they're making so much money driving a truck, why are they not back doing so ? So much money, you would think they were lining up for those jobs. You're another LIB spreading misinformation to mislead people who don't t think for themselves
How could anybody believe this is not pollical related? If you shut down pipelines, the fuel still needs to get to the point of use. This requires fleets of trucks, which are consuming tons of fuel. This in turn, this both increases cost and decreases supply.

We have had employees return to work saying they were getting paid more by the government (taxpayers) not to work. Their only incentive to come back was boredom.
Agree completely. And what is to be expected when, overnight, over 11,000 people lost their jobs working on a pipeline? The insanity is beyond belief. Like it or not, we are still very oil dependent until something better comes along. Things can't abruptly turn around without repercussions. Sanity has departed the stage.
Brent Bahler 0
What is your source for the “over 11,000 people lost their jobs working on a pipeline”? If there is any insanity here, it is repeating misinformation. Here are the facts:
Larry Morgan 1
We might as well add Aviation Fuel to the list of shortages, everything else we consume is on it. One thing that we are truly short on is BRAINS, the Democratic party in particular. I think it's all BS that once the Biden Admin took over we have shortage's on everything we consume.
ImperialEagle -1
Biden's war against the Energy Sector is really just getting started. People better get ready for $7.00 Gal. gas and shortages as well. Remember, he started destroying pipelines the first day in office. There are going to be consequences.
Michael Hawke 6
This has nothing to do with any of that. It is entirely based based on the lack of available truck drivers. An issue which has been ongoing in the USA for over 5 years and talked about for the last 10
Larry Morgan -1
Wrong, there is a shortage of drivers who can speak English. We have thousands of drivers from other country's over here driving. They can't say we're short on oil anymore knowing we are the number 1 producers of oil and natural gas so they had to come up with another excuse to raise the price, it called DRIVER SHORTAGE.
matt jensen -3
The implementation of TWIC had more to do with it. Requiring healthy drivers to undergo fierce riguouros stress tests, then failing most of them - preventing them from earning a living. That was started by zero with joe asleep. Now some of the drivers taken out of the rigs were overweight and maybe a few had diabetes, but none could return to the job.
amacnabb 8
TWIC? If you are referring to the "Transportation Worker Identification Credential" program, what does that have to do with it?

That program has been in place for years. Furthermore, it requires no "rigorous stress tests" (unless you count the waiting in the tiny offices as stress! LOL) It is simply a very routine background check, fingerprinting and proof of who you are... nothing more.

I know... I have one currently, and have had one since implementation of the program. All put in place after 9-11.
Gary Ondrey 1
Anyone missing President Trump yet ? Funny how this nonsense only started after that senile moron took office. How sad what is happening here
Exactly. Everything is political now, whether some want to believe it or not. Can't blame some people since the media has refused to even address anything negative about senile Joe. That's why most of the news they do report shows him eating ice cream, zooming off in a pickup truck and other silly things.
Gary Ondrey -1
You are so right. While he's destroying this country from the inside out, he is also a huge embarrassment to this country thanks to the media who refuse to hold him responsible for his actions that are crippling this country. No jet fuel ? This has AOC written all over it
Oh crap...


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