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Boeing’s Starliner Launch Could Face Delay of Several Months

Boeing Starliner space capsule launch could be delayed several months as the company will likely need to remove it from atop a rocket for repairs, people familiar with the matter said. ( 기타...

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Boeing is definitely on the back side of aviation now. They have cruised on taxpayer dollars for the endless missiles and airplanes for the military. But, like with the MAX, Starliner is yet another debacle for Boeing. Time for NASA to move on and just have SpaceX handle things from here forward.
What is even worse is that Boeing is charging way more that SpaceX for a ride to the ISS AND Boeing got about twice as much as SpaceX to develop their heap of junk and STILL messed it up.
When 13 valves don't act like they are supposed to do, there is a major problem, and that seems to be what Boeing excels at doing as a corporation.

From the 737/787, to their satellites, to their rockets, they just can't seem to save themselves.

They need new, to to bottom management, and to seriously get new mojo. they have a serious problem, and it's systemic. It's in all of their divisions, all of their departments, all of their products. The best thing would be if the top 20 levels of Boeing management step aside and let people interested in Boeing surviving, and not focused on manufacturing profits from a corporation who can't seem to justify their current stock price. Is Boeing being groomed for a takeover, and dismantlement? Sold for scrap, Boeing should get their investors a large amount of money, and America will lose yet another once proud and strong corporation that helped this country rise above all others.

But go ahead and vote me down. The country, and the world is headed there anyway.

Maybe the big European Consortium will save them.

wiregold 1
Boeing could not have foreseen another design flaw.
Keeping Execs out of jail for 346 murders has helped but obviously not enough.
Perhaps larger bonuses would clarify their vision.


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