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Shanghai airport facility in COVID lockdown, cargo backlog expected

One of two cargo terminals in China had a couple or more COVID cases. Chinese authorities don't mess around. Most operations are shut and freighters are scrambling to find other airports. ( 기타...

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Complete absurdity! Stop the virus from spreading? Are you blind, stupid or both? The virus spread all around the world within the first few months and continues to reverberate across all countries and all areas despite all these measures asserted to be extremely effective despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary. Sorry, the virus like all viruses of this tyoe obviously have lives of their own. Secondly it is most definitely NOT an extremely dangerous virus, in fact the fast majority other than the disabled impaired diseased elderly have few if any symptoms. To shut down these essential operations for the sake of this is cold and flu virus is pure nonsense but i would never expect a journalistic with no medical training or experience to have the slightest judgement with such issues. The journalists clearly are absolutely wedded to an intractable pisition that we all should be subjected to never ending, masking, lockdowns, never ending vaccinations, deprivation of all basic freedoms until when exactly .... - they will decide sometime in the distant future when we have all died of everything BUT COVID which is the greater reality of the actual threat to all our lives.
Just reporting the facts. No judgment about wisdom of Chinese shutdown.
Greg S 1
"...NOT an extremely dangerous virus...this cold and flu virus..."

Ok, it's not smallpox, I'll admit that. Yes, the MSM is constantly hyping the danger, after all their livelihoods depend on scaring people into clicking/watching/listening to them. But it's certainly more deadly by FAR by both fatality rate and raw numbers than any "flu" virus since the 1918 flu. If you're someone on the fence about vaccination please do get vaccinated. In the meantime you may be correct that, despite vaccines and masks and lockdowns, the virus will simply become like the flu and stick around forever, waxing and waning, traveling and mutating depending on the region and the season.
let they be stupid and blind forever
They had suspicion that COVID last year was sneaked into the country last year via frozen/cold store facilities, which might explained why seafood markets seemed to be hot spots...
No wonder why they lock it down so quickly this time around.
Greg S 0
Frozen COVID, LOL! "Sneaked in", LOL. It's a conspirimacy to make the CCP look bad!


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