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JetBlue Passenger Fined $45K For Sticking His Head Up Flight Attendant's Skirt

A $45,000 fine against a JetBlue Airways (NASDAQ: JBLU) passenger on a May flight for allegedly throwing objects including his carry-on luggage, lying on the floor in the aisle, then grabbing a flight attendant by the ankles and putting his head up her skirt. The passenger was placed in flexi-cuffs and the flight was forced to make an emergency landing. in Richmond, Virginia. A $42,000 fine against a passenger on another JetBlue flight in May for allegedly interfering with crewmembers after… ( More...

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David Bristol 23
This was assault. He should have been criminally prosecuted.
I agree, punishment should be more than a fine, which may or may not ever be collected. Sentencing him to some time in the “gray bar hotel” is the thing that is most likely to change his behavior. They should also publish his name and picture in the media. Public shaming can influence behavior too
Scott Campbell 51
I think we start with lifetime bans from flying, most people like this will not bother to contest it, if they do ... off to court you go to explain why you cant drive, or need to fly. It's just not worth it for the rest of us who follow the rules and help pull theses idiots off planes. IF YOU WAANA GO 500 miles an hour, sit down, do what your told, relax and act like a human. Just like preschool
ADXbear 25
Add to don't fly list for min 10 yrs and paid off fine.. drive or take a bus.
George Pepe 1
Or Amtrak
Don't misunderstand me - I agree 100% about fining, jailing, banning and executing these idiots. BUT ... why such negativity towards Amtrak and Greyhound? My preferred means of travel are 1) driving ... like 40,000+ miles yearly, 2) flying my Cherokee, 3) Greyhound, 4) Amtrak and finally, definitely last, commercial airlines. Since I retired 17 years ago I've traveled more miles on the "Hound than airlines. NEVER have I run into nasty, rule-violating fellow passengers and you do have to admit ... they are a superior class of people than the typical airline customer. I would walk before I'd ever get on United Airlines again.
a person cant just say "whats wrong with these people" and bush it off anymore..its happening all too frequently..whether its acting like a 4 year old with a temper tanrum, or cursing at flight crews and refusing to wear a mask,its all extremely unruly behavior, and it should be in BOLD FACED PRINT on every airline website or booking site for tickets, as well as having the passenger do an online legal statement saying they understand and will abide by airline rules of passage (as well as just common courtesy and plain sense!)before they can do a seat assignment or print a boarding pass or whatever..those who do not comply or DO act out must be banned from ALL AIRLINES FOR TRAVEL..!

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Greg S 18
Do they ever collect these fines? I doubt it. Airlines should just ask for an anti-trust exemption from Congress for the purpose of sharing lists of bad actors so they can ban them from flights. That will go a long way towards solving these problems. Are you a hopeless, unreconstructed asshole? Go Greyhound!
Ben Gibbs 16
The fines are from the FAA and not the airline. If you don't pay they can take you to court. They could garnish your wages or take your house. Would be just like owing money to the IRS. My bet is they all file for bankruptcy
RustySimmons 8
The article lists a variety of fines for various bad behaviors, mainly unruly drunk (or high on coke) idiots. But they only fined $30,000 to the guy that tried to gain entry into the flight deck and threatened to kill a flight attendant. Not certain how they are valuing the various offenses, but it seems like that one should have been more, plus some non-monetary penalties too. Like Prison.
Chris Cotter 7
This might work in porn, but in real life, did he think this would get him a date? Momma would be so proud [not].
M.F. LaBoo 4
BACs should be obtained for all such pax. And the numbers should be included in every article of this type.
Another idiot. Never let him fly again.
If he tried that sht with a seasoned Delta flight attendant he'd rip his head off and stuff it down his neck. They've been through it all. Charge the loser with sexual assault and get him on the sexual predator list for life.
But did he have his mask on?
Craig Good 5
Should also be prosecuted for sexual assault.
Jim Mitchell 5
Why the fines? They are useless. A year in jail would suit the situation much better.
Alan Dahl 9
The FAA can only fine, it is up to the local authorities for other charges.
Need to change the law to give effect to this proposal which really makes a sense.
Jesse Carroll 2
He should be charged with "attempted Rape by nose"
Brian Freeman 2
I hope these reporters will write follow-up stories detailing the dollar amount these people actually pay when all is said and done. I guarantee you the true amount paid will be pennies on the dollar, if anything at all. It's completely unrealistic and nothing more than saber rattling by the FAA to think these low lives would even be capable of paying five figure fines. Most of these people don't even have houses or assets that equal that amount the government could seize. Perhaps a lengthy work release program of having them work the lavatory dump out would be more effective punishment...
schlieter 2
I wonder if civil suits can be added by all passengers who were inconvenienced to causing loss wages for business travelers to missed flights?
There should be, in my opinion. I've been on two flights out of Miami and have to re-arrange my connections, because of multi-hour delays due to these kinds of actions.
Take your annual salary and divide it by 2080 then multiply by hours wasted. Then file a small claims court. My billable hours for consulting is $90 to $120/hr.
DB Vesty 1
Flight attendants still wear skirts?
c k 1
The disrespect nowadays---unbelievable
Not that it isn't deserved (especially in this case), but the FAA must be making bank off of all these fines lately.
George Pepe 1
Eww. That’s even more gross than it is creepy
patrick baker 1
this is quite a laundry list of bad social practices, but he is going to need much of that fine for mental therapy. This is not a quality airline passenger candidate, and as such is relegated to the Greyhound Bus travel league for life, or until he shows results from mental health therapy.
patrick baker 5
perhaps a web site ought to be up and running with mugshots of these folks, with names and details and hometowns, and a few paragraphs describing the circumstances that landed them on the FAA Banished from the Airways web site. :It is the most shaming method currently available that is widely accessable.
I agree with you. There are many people who can easily and casually afford to pay these sums. I have even heard a person ( I can not say gentleman) saying that he is willing to pay in advance.
bfcoats2 1
So this guy pitched a fit by throwing things including his luggage before throwing himself on the floor? What was he? 2? And then after all that, a flight attendant was brave enough to go near him? I probably wouldn’t have believed this story if I had not flown for the airlines myself, but nowadays, this seems more commonplace. Maybe if we charged more $$$ for flights and paid/respected the in-flight crew more than they get now, this kind of crap wouldn’t happen so often. Maybe then, flying would become the pleasant experience it used to be three scores ago.
EVERY delayed and inconvenienced passenger should file suit against these idiots. And lifetime bans should be automatic.
Pic of the flight attendant!
Silent Bob -3
Hey, I tell you what. You can take a good look at a flight attendant’s ass by sticking your head up there, but wouldn’t you rather take her word for it?


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