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California passenger charged with assaulting Southwest Airlines flight attendant

Federal charges were filed Wednesday against a passenger accused of striking a Southwest Airlines flight attendant in the face during a May flight to San Diego. The passenger, Vyvianna Quinonez, allegedly punched and grabbed the hair of the female flight attendant, who lost two teeth and suffered other injuries to her face on the May 23 flight from Sacramento, prosecutors said in court documents. Quinonez was escorted off the plane at San Diego International Airport and arrested for battery… ( More...

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Mark Harris 7
Lifetime ban from flying on ANY airline, surely?
patrick baker 8
this is a simple assault case- plenty of witnesses observing a federal assault crime, which carries fines and possible jail time. THis case ought to be presented, tried, and upon conviction, Ms Quininez ought to spend some months in federal lockup, publicized enough that others would be loathe to duplicate her bad behavior. No flight attendant needs to wear a football helmet to work the aisles during a flight simply because some few folks have impulse control malfunctions in midair.
But the honest thing is that even the death penalty has no, to a very little effect on people killing others. The average murder is committed by a person who is 'in the height of passion' and the last thing in their mind is the possibility of being caught and put to death.

An industrial drinker with a mad on will not be thinking about a mandatory ban on plane travel, sadly, so taunting that punishment isn't going to stop the truly enraged animals that need to act out from their inner immaturity, or 'roid rage fueled by alcohol, ego, fear, and a primal drive to be a flaming asshole bully.

The punishment has to fit the crime, and being on the 'no-fly list' fits. I just don't think it'll be much of a deterrent.
ADXbear 4
Good? Agree on lifetime band on any part 121 airline, added to the no fly list!
jbermo 4
Ms. Quinonez is only in her early 20s and is barred from flying on WN for life. She was released on $30k bail after being charged with assault by the state, but no trial as yet. Something tells me, however, that the Feds, soon to have their turn, will give her the whammy.
Torsten Hoff 1
It has already happened.
Kent Krizman 2
Maybe the Feds and the airlines should be like mayor London Breed of San Francisco and pay people a 300 dollar per month stipend for not getting arrested.
EMK69 2
The Feds have been giving hefty fines as of late. Since this lady is in her 20s she should not expect to get a full paycheck for many years to come. Although, IMHO, she deserves jail time it will be interesting to see if the AUSA can get a Federal judge to give any, not sure what the sentencing guidelines are now days. I do know that she will never see another IRS refund for many years to come as well as garnishment from her employment checks.

I do hope FlightAware will carry the final outcome of this incident.
jbermo 1
Unlike state law, there is no parole when serving a federal sentence (but you may be eligible for a (max) 10% "good time" reduction, - but only after 13 months served).
But the conviction can be appealed, and also vacated. She could also be pardoned, and don't laugh. Look at the crimes of the last wave of presidential pardons. There were a few real gem human animals in that list.
Cleffer 2
"....which called the latest in-flight event just one of the hundreds of misconduct incidents that occurred on Southwest flights in the weeks prior to the incident."

We're going to end up with bouncers on planes because people act like god damned animals.
There are federal air marshals, but not enough to be on every flight, and they seem to staff international flights, and trans con flights more than regional flights, understandably,

Having marshals on more flights would potentially help, but are we willing, as a public, to foot that cost? More rich folks will have to pay up more than they are doing to ensure those that don't have access to private jets, and the pristine cloudless skies of the uber out of touch, can fly without being beaten and assaulted on flights.
avionik99 3
Whenever I board a Southwest flight I always see so many "People of Wal-Mart" This is what happens when you charge as low as $29 for a flight. People are rude and nastier than ever!
It's not what they charge, it's the emotional immaturity of the people, and it's the lack of self awareness of their place and position in society. They lack empathy, self awareness, and any restraint in their dealings with the world around them. They are narcissistic and very self centered. They 'feel', and that is the only thing important to them. They want, and that is the only thing important to them. They are mad/angry/selfish/egotistical and that is the only thing important to them. They strike out because they live in a world full of anger, resentment and victimization.

What they need is an education. What they need is to see the world around them, and the world outside of our borders. But event hat might not be enough, sadly.

I have lost all hope for humanity. We are being herded to a horrific future that none of us will survive.
Franco Prizzi 1
After watching related videos, i appreciated a lot brave man standing in front of the young boxer, defending the woman making her job.
Girl immediatly sat and didn't move anymore. Probably (hopefully) realized she was wrong.
You are on a plane with 150 passengers and you are the only one acting like that, but just one is enopught to shut you up. Enough is enough.
So sad to see young people acting wild in a derespectul and arrogant way. Thanks to right man to set everything up.
Where was the duct tape ? ? ?
I'd expect them to start using Ketamine. It's in vogue by big, and small police forces, and physicians are being browbeaten into cowing to the police and using it more and more. (Some states are trying to make Ketamine available directly to police officers, avoiding physicians balking at its overuse) The problem is that 'Vitamin K' also is resulting in more overdose deaths. The stunning disconnect from standard policing techniques and using a powerful drug is astounding, and should concern all of us. But 'it works', and it's cheaper than wasting time dealing with an angrier and more violent public.
Neil49 1
I've heard that SW has been out of stock in recent months, and 500-foot rolls of shrink wrap is being considered as a temporary on-board replacement.
the woman should be banned from flying on any airline for life...assaulting a crew member as she did is not acceptable, period!she should be jailed,fined and held responsible for all of the medical bills incurred by the f/a and wn as well...
What? I've been to San Diego. It's not worth it. If you think you need to beat down a flight attendant to get to SAN, you really need to get a clue, it's not worth it...

But a lifetime ban from all flights seems totally recommended, and even necessary. Sure, the SCOTUS could declare open season on flight crews by removing the ban, and likely would, but if it stuck, domestic flights wouldn't be 'Flight Club'.

And, instead of duct tape, maybe they should give flight crews big syringes of Ketamine. 'Vitamin K', and some deaths from the overdoses, might make people calm down? Maybe? Something has to be done to show that flight crews aren't going to tolerate this wave of madness.


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