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Is it Really Easier to Get Into Harvard Than Become a Delta Airlines Flight Attendant?

Delta needs more cabin attendants, but is it easier for applicants to instead attend Harvard? INC. looks into the matter… ( 기타...

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harvard does take legacy students, blood relatives of other legacy students in his bloodlines, where someone once had to be smart enough to earn a spot in a class at the great crimson. Delta does someth
ing similiar, where legacy flight atttendants get to fly and work with their mothers, grandmothers and sometimes their great grandmothers on the very same flight.
Amazing what statistics can do.
at one time that might have been the back in the 70's and early 80's...all of the airlines had VERY strict standards as to appearance, education, experience and how you interacted with the was rough...those standards diminished a bit through the years as the airlines had to quit enforcing weight and height i am sure they cannot afford to be very picky as they are in dire need of employees...


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