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FAA temporarily banned drones with video cameras showing Del Rio, Texas bridge

Thousands of migrants waiting under Texas bridge to be processed. The FAA implemented, then lifted, a two week TFR (Temporary Flight Restrictions) over the international bridge in Del Rio, TX. News drones showed images of the thousands of migrants waiting to be processed at the USA border. By Friday afternoon, the FAA announced that news organizations could operate drone cameras in the area for the rest of the month. ( 기타...

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Phil Howry 20
I find it interesting that Texas, a so called "red state", is experiencing a seemingly targeted influx of illegal immigration of "unvaccinated" immigrants; literally and figuratively being ignored by the federal government.

As I understand America's republic form of governance, the "government's" primary duty is to protect the borders to insure all citizens are allowed to safely live their lives. Given the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic how does this current southern border illegal immigration fiasco reconcile with that mandate? Are Texas citizens not worthy of all-inclusive federal government protection?
Yes, inquiring minds want to know … oh wait, we ALREADY know.
Yea we do know. The liar of the ages driving a failed agenda for over 45 years. Failure as a senator. Failure as VP. And now a new failure
How very sad. Nobody cares.
There are approximately 15 million people in Texas (more than half the population) that are not fully vaccinated. The number of immigrants and asylum seekers under the bridge are a drop in the bucket. So, to answer your question, in light of their restrictive voting laws, neanderthal abortion laws, their short-sighted energy policies, and their foolish claim to be "eliminating rape entirely" while over 5,000 rape kits remain unprocessed for years, NO, Texans are not worthy of federal protections.

Obviously, Texans don't see COVID-19 as a "thing" and refuse to protect themselves, so why should the federal government feel compelled to protect them? After all, COVID-19 is like the flue, a hoax, vaccines don't work and are probably dangerous. Isn't that the red-state view?
Frankly. Your base stupidity is astounding. You are blathering fool without a cogent argument. Just baseless talking points that are agenda driven.
Tommy Boy -3
In other words, you're unable to argue any of the points I put forth. Got it, moron.
Ken Lane 2
You're missing the point.

Biden and other leftist Democraps are pushing the vaccine. They're mandating it for employers to require after he said there would be no mandates.

Meanwhile, the illegals are allowed to flow in without question. Ditto for the Afghans.

But then, you're one the Democrap voters who are fine with leftist hypocrisy.
Tommy Boy -2
No, Kenny. You're missing the point.
Texans don't want to be vaccinated because [enter ignorant excuse here] but they want immigrants vaccinated because [enter equally stupid rationale here].

But you're a stupid, ignorant domestic terrorist that's fine with irrational reasoning.
Your base stupidity is beyond astounding.

Mayo Clinic reports an 11.9% provide positive rate for Texas. For Haitian “immigrants” it approaches 20% per INS.

So there goes your weak minded non -argument
Ken Lane 3
No... you're wrong. I don't give a flip whether ANYONE is vaccinated. I'm not nor will I demand anyone be. That includes you Democrap idiots who hate liberty.

See, I do love liberty. I value the inalienable right to choose for MY own life. I do not have the right to force one to choose for their life nor does Biden or any of his cronies.

Now, what exactly is irrational about that?
So drones without cameras were ok though?
No, it's a false headline. The TFR was for all flights for 2sm around location and ground level to 1,000 feet agl
Ken Lane 24
Show me one other crowd of immigrants that had a TFR in place. It has never happened before.

The FAA was weaponized against Fox News. That's it. Period. It was done entirely for drones. Even civilian helicopters could get good shots above the 1000 AGL. But, drones are limited to 400 feet, AGL.

Yes, it was purely for Fox News drones. Prove me wrong.
When children of immigrates were being kept at the Joe Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, there was a TFR around that building until they left, approximately a month.
Ken Lane 1
And, if so there was no reason for it.

[This comment was deleted.]

Ken Lane 3
The TFR is still in place. Fox received a waiver.
Hastily rescinded when even this lawless corrupt regime couldn't convince anyone they weren't using government resources for political purposes....on a scale massively worse than anything for which Trump was accused.
Most Biden voters live entirely within an alternative reality. One that can't be breached from the outside world. There's nothing we can do.
bentwing60 14
So, did the haitians all walk to that relatively remote part of far south Texas? From an island in the Caribbean Sea. give me a down vote if you believe that.

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dnorthern 14
Where is the Biarder czar? This administration is inept
According to the establishment, duly elected with 81 million votes.

Darwinism, voting against ones own best interests!
Tell us again how Trump got more votes than any Prez during a second term election cycle but lost to a swamp rat who has NEVER gotten one thing right in 50 years...except line his family's pockets and get 7 million late-night counted votes the counting of which was sometimes done while Trump/Republican poll-watchers were denied access and based on hastily enacted covid related corrupt mass mail in balloting.

People line up at liquor stores but God forbid they have to line up for the plebiscite, the single most important feature of any democracy.

Sure. 🙄
Everyone who possesses common sense and logical reasoning considering all the information concerning the election knows it was the most outrageous election theft in America's history.
in referance to the election..... MSNBC said it's so and so.... it MUSTbe right!?!?!?! 
Tommy Boy -1
This is how slow you folks are. Ok, once more: More people voted against Trump than voted for him. That's how elections are won and lost.

Through all the recounts, audits, complaining like fools, conspiracy theories, and court filings there is absolutely no evidence that points to a Trump victory. No proof. No lost ballots. No changed votes. Nothing. Nada.

But keep asking. The desperation is entertaining. By the way, understanding state's voting regulations might answer your questions, but that would mean taking a hard look at reality.
Yes like acknowledging that many election officials violated the law and change voting rules at the last moment without legislative change approving such changes.
Woke and cowardly judges refused to even hear challenges that's why no evidence came to light.
Tommy Boy -2
The Biarder czar? Speaking of inept.....
sorry about your dis satisfaction with the government. Now you know a FRACTION of how I felt whennot only Biden won an election that he never really campained for, and THEN The Courts refused to hear any of the complaints. Well ya get what ya pay for folks..... and Texas is getting it now.... our Military got it last week.... and People do not persue the issue... they just sit back in their comfy easy chair, sip on their wine or beer and say "ain't that a shame" Ya get what ya pay for
Exactly! And Canada has been heading down that road as well. I think the Liberal government up here will be accommodating an influx of Southern Migrants very soon ... no vetting, no virus testing, no rules, just show up!
"Processed" means registered to vote and given bus tickets.
This is an idiotic statement.
Ken Lane 2
If they're sent on their way with a "request" to appear and not a demand or summons, what would you call it?
CENSORSHIP at its finest!
FAA is woke. Thats disturbing.


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