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Flight delays blamed on limited staffing at Jacksonville air traffic control center, weather

Mass flight cancellations were blamed on limited staffing at the Jacksonville Air Traffic Control Center in Hilliard and weather Friday night, according to the FAA. Several flights in and out of Florida were either canceled or delayed Friday night. Allison Hill went to Disney World with her family. She said their 9:50 p.m. flight Friday from Orlando to Houston was delayed and eventually canceled early Saturday morning. ( 기타...

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We dropped off my 4 kids at the Orlando airport on Friday at 3pm after a week of vacation. My wife and I drove back to Arkansas, expecting the kids to beat us home by several hours. Instead, they spent the night in Orlando and ended up connecting through DFW instead of Miami because of all the cancellations. They were flying AA and were told it was weather related, which meant they had to cover the cost of their hotel that night as well. My son said the passengers were extremely irate and the customer service employees were literally walking away from the customers without giving answers as to what was happening.
I saw a photo on Twitter showing all the SWA cancellations and a weather radar map of Florida showing ..... NOTHING! There were no storms, nothing on the weather radar, ANYWHERE in Florida.
FAA disputes Southwest’s explanation:


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