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Passengers couldn’t fly after NHS vaccine passport went offline

England's COVID Pass system went offline for hours on Wednesday, causing British travelers to remain stranded at airports. Some passengers couldn't board their flights, while others suffered delays as both the National Health Service (NHS) website and app experienced issues. ( 기타...

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hainich 12
Absolutely insane - depending on an app that needs online connection????
Make a Screenshot of your certificate or print it. What you do with your boarding passes well (hopefully).
Not so simple. Each countries Airline carries specific boarding requirements before a passenger qualifies for check in on the day. These requirements may be hastily issued after a sudden change of policy due to changing circumstance. Sometimes these changes cause confusion even amongst airline staff. A screenshot or printed certificate may not even be enough if permitted boarding states only " digital confirmation is required." Yes, it is madness and frustrating as hell.
RECOR10 -1
Or, dont be an ignorant lemming and comprehend that this VX is a scam.

D Rotten 13
It amazes me, that individuals think that having their WHOLE life 'online', is a GOOD thing. With 'one push of a button', with one 'glitch', with one 'HACK', and with just one EMP......ones WHOLE LIFE (that includes ones $$$) COMPLETELY WIPED OUT! And good luck trying to 'PROVE' anything, since there are no longer any 'paper trails'. "You had $345,000 in your savings account?.......PROVE IT! Sorry; we seem not to have that information. Our computer shows a balance of $0. Matter of fact.......we don't seem to have a customer by that name, at all.".
s s 7
How can you have any pudding if you don't eat yer meat?
You! Yes, you behind the bikesheds, stand still laddy!
Your e-papers, please!
All in all you're just another brick in the wall.
Punk Floyd was bang on about a lot of things
Very Orwellian. Thank god, where I live we have a great Governor, and, well, LOTS and LOTS of guns in the hands of the citizens.
These people don't have multiple copies of their documents?
How about a picture stored on their phone. - Yeesh
mmc7090 3
We came to save England by killing as many Nazis as possible. Times have changed in Londonstan.
Here is your Tea, Bless Be Allah....
ray hughes -3
Your comments are offensive and rascist.
We are very sorry your kin are dying but our Covid system is down so if you miss their final breath we apologize. Hilarious at best.
All of this is garbage. Its all unnecessary and a consequence of governmental lies and BS, media misrepresentation creating a synthetic reality built on a fabric of fallacies and distortions, and public health across the planet that took counsel of their fears and decided that the Chinese response model was the brilliant answer. The Chinese model was built on the bias of what worked to suppress the dissent and protests in Hong Kong and other dissent groups in western China who all were in the headlines about the tme COvid very conveniently came to the China headlines in 1/20. This is all garbage, first of all many in my family had it and none worse than colds, many overexaggerated descriptions but none worse than a mild flu. BUT my brother was killed by unnecessary inappropriate intubation by the medical covid fanatics. The FAA has no business issuing medical requirements of any kind except for pilots , for the general public that can consult their own doctors it has NO business interjecting their medical interventions. The FAA is not a medical organization , it is not licenced as a medical organization. Lets look at football, baseball, and hockey - millions in attendance screaming and yelling into each others faces with no masks, no social distancing and what has mhappened ? Just as many of us including me were saying from day one - nothing. No massive outbreaks of Covid- rates over past month have actually DECREASED. All along from day one all that we were subjective to was a lie and a complete and extrmely expensive waste of time . Anyone familiar with epidemics and what has been mostly shown NOT to work knew this. But governements here and elsewhere when they without any hedging declare policies based on mere assertion of their power then would you EVER expect the morons to ever admit they were wrong or even that they might reconsider - never | Sports has shown what fools public health , the FAA, and all the f.. beurocrats have been. They made monumental fools of themselves and us.
JJ Johnson -2
COVID tyranny continues. The Marxists and Comrade Joe are having a field day with COVID. But not for much longer. See Italy for what is coming to America and the rest of Europe.
D Rotten 8
Italy is not the only country protesting. MOST countries ARE. But, one wouldn't know it, if one consumes Corp Media (aka Fake News). All of the Indy (REAL) News, the NO CENSOR social Media/vid hosting sites have world-wide coverage.
The lying Corp Media is saying that all of those flights were cancelled because of 'weather'?! LOL WRONG! They were cancelled because Air Traffic Controllers, and 1000's of other employees, WALKED OFF THE JOB. Airlines used the 'weather' excuse so that they would NOT have to REFUND passenger's $$$$.
We are, they dont put it on the "news"
There has to be middle way here.. Ironically, while the US and UK have chosen to drop all COVID isloation or quarantine requirements, and opted for free open market strategies, their death rates are rising at an alarming rate. Whereas, those countries with some form of Isolation or quarantine policy has managed to keep their death rates down. Sure its your choice whether you plan to vaccinate or not - but then ask hospital ER doctors and nurses (who are the front line here and overwhelmed by serious COVID cases ) how they feel about it?
Per the CDC's data, deaths in the U.S. have actually been on the decline since August.
This is Comrade Boris, not Comrade Joe; it happened in England.


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