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Southwest Employees Wants A Court To Delay Its Vaccine Mandate

The Southwest Pilots Union has sued the airline in federal court over its vaccine mandate. ( More...

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Cleffer 11
I love how every discussion about this subject degrades into playground insults. Can we pretend to be adults?
It's what American politics has devolved into. Science and Medicine is now political, along with everything else, because the truth disagrees with political rhetoric.
avionik99 4
Totally agree. Science/Medicine has been devolved into a political religion.
George Lane 2
I personally downvote all immature and insulting comments, even if I agree with the sentiment being expressed.
linbb 2
Its sad and can understand why employeers want there employees to get the shot. They need people to work not get sick just like other viruses. Cops have shown without it how many of them die. Also for some reason its ok not to get the shot, then who pays the hospital bill for those who choose not to?
But I read that Delta just gave up and cancelled their mandate. Has America given up? Our government certainly screwed it all up very badly, and the effects of that hot mess continue even today.

I love it that Ted Cruz was thumped on the head by an Australian MP after Cruz attacked them over stripping their citizens of FREEDUMB! The Australian MP said that over 70,000 people have died in Texas, and ZERO DEATHS in the Northern Territory. ZERO PEOPLE beats over 70,000 in my book...

Masks work, social distancing works, there did not have to be that many people dying in Texas, or America.
Bob Kamman 5
In a statement October 4, Delta said “we continue to examine the Administration’s executive order.” Bastian said October 10 he expects Delta’s employee vaccination rate to get to “well over 90%” but that the company “will certainly follow any executive order requirements.”

The effective date of the executive order is December 8.

If you think Delta will not have complied by then, I have a used 777 to sell you.
Cleffer 3
My company said "All IN!" Employees have to get it or get out by the end of November.
avionik99 2
The problem is all employees that have had covid (symptoms or not) are already far better off than the vaxxed employees. Yet the political decision (not science) is to force all to get a vaccine that does not come free of risks! Thats whats wrong!!
Roy Hunte 1
I noticed you said sell.😉
It's strange that the vax serves to save people including Republican voters and that the politics has served to reduce the Republican voter base and get this... willingly.
dnorthern -9
The problem is people like you who are abject idiots. You and your ilk would gladly hop on a train

BTW, there have been more covid deaths under Lyon’ Biden than Trump.
Brian Johnson -1
The problem is people like you who are abject idiots who think there is a train.
dnorthern -5
Your originality is lack luster. Like your intelligence
Mike Webb 2
Same badly-informed propaganda from the anti-vax tinfoil-hat brigade I see. Don't take painless free vaccinations that reduce transmissability, hospitilization and death because it is a violation of . . . . . (enter your own phobia here). I am fully vaccinated and have a good chance of enjoying the rest of my life in good health. Can you say the same?
avionik99 3
YES! Without being vaxxed many people have a far better immunity than you do! Every single person that has had the covid is far better off than those vaccinated! Yet they will lose their job because they refuse a shot that does no better for them and comes with risks? No freakin way!
JJ Johnson 1
Southwest caved

Vaccine mandates are Orwellian

It's between me and my Doctor

I have already had COVID. My Doctor says I don't need a shot

It's called natural immunity

My body my choice

If you force me I will sue

And I will win

So will millions of others
it is unfortunate that getting a shot that has proven to be effective against a lethal virus,has become such a political football..the southwest arilines pilots union has MANY issues on the table regarding their contract and their is NOT just the vaccine mandate...
Roy Talbot -8
Then the public chose a simple solution we don't fly your airline
Or at least the selfish, ignorant, crybaby, typhoid mary type members of the public, anyway.
Roy Talbot -4
Like yourself

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