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Capture of a plane was forced to land on a highway north of Toronto

A small plane took off from Buttonville Municipal Airport in Markham, Ont., on Wednesday, but began experiencing mechanical issues and landed on stretch of Highway 407 north of Toronto soon after takeoff. ( More...

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bentwing60 3
Any port in a storm, and they managed to miss the light poles too! Well done.

belzybob 2
Hilarious that they thought it necessary to cover up the registration.
Mark Harris 2
Why was it necessary to switch tanks on climb-out at such a low altitude, and why didn't the pilot(s) switch back to the good tank when the engine faltered? Asking as a non-pilot.
Lyman Paquette 2
This is a Toll Highway. How much was the charge? ;)
James Godbeer 1
Over a bridge and under the overhead sign


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