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DOJ charges Delta passenger with federal crimes after accusing him of punching a flight attendant and trying to breach the cockpit

A Delta Airlines passenger has been charged with federal crimes, per the DOJ. The charges come several months after the passenger was accused of punching a flight attendant. The 21-year-old suspect was also accused of trying to breach the cockpit. A 21-year-old Delta Airlines passenger has been charged with two federal crimes for allegedly punching a flight attendant in the face and attempting to breach the cockpit, according to the US Department of Justice (DOJ). ( 기타...

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if his actions constitute crimes, if he is convicted in court as such, then the penalities for those actions must be what the law proscribes, else more morons like him or like the ladies who do these things too ought to be severe, financially and confinement-wise too. The public is watching what the FAA regulators and the Department of Justice do here. THe FAA is especially impotent in the past, saying these offenses will not be tolerated- and then the offenses are tolerated by lack of follow through. The DOJ acts like the departent of the obtuse, so far, and now it is time to make examples and inmates of those who endanger other passengers or crew. Enough......Or, repeal the laws and keep on ignoring the oversight responsibilities further.
Cleffer 36
The media needs to follow up with this story and make sure the punishment makes the front page, otherwise, the punishment is pointless. No one will hear about it and realize there are actual consequences for their actions.
“Assault” is a crime!
Committed against a flight crew member is most definitely against the law, and punishable to the fulllest extent!
linbb 3
Same needs to be said for any crime now many places have drugs as just a ticket and release deal. So the cops dont even bother with those. Its the same for shop lifting too all caused by lax prosecutors not wanting to do there job mostly due to there stance on those items. Start standing tall on all of them including those on aircraft and things will change. Same with gun violence caused by catch and release even people who have records and have murdered someone get catch and release.
I think that's really a two fold issue. People are being released for non-violent crimes, instead of held, because we have an over-flowing prison problem. And while common sense may say to build more prisons, we have a quarter of the world's incarcerated population. We need to figure out why our prison and justice systems are failing in that regard, and fix it so we don't have that issue.

I think we're very good at arresting people, but the 2nd half of that equation, what we do after they're in prison is severely lacking and it presents a danger to our police officers, communities, and the people working in our jails. We need to swallow our pride, and commit to figuring out how to improve the situation.
pjshield 11
It's all on the parents and teachers. If kids were brought up properly, we wouldn't have crime as the massive problem it has become.
H Ghavam 10
You’re absolutely right. As a former pilot, now retired to work as a school bus driver, I can tell you first hand the lack of discipline and respect the new generation is growing up with. It a lack of parenting.
I agree. Can you imagine what would have happened to us if we had behaved that way? I talked back once (about age 11) to my teacher and he reported it. When my dad was notified I had to not only go up to the school (with him) and apologize to the teacher, but also to the Principal and Superintendent. I didn't do THAT again. Children need to be taught that there are consequences. Makes life a whole lot easier later on.
Increase the sentence, and eventually it will become a deterrent.
US prisons are violent places that make people worse. Some use prisoners as slave labor. It is biblical, as ye sow so shall ye reap and US prisons reap worse criminals on exit than they ever were on entry. Nice system.
Sorry, not buying it. Everything in life has consequences and jail is a consequence of some actions. Your theory is crap.
Bravo Sierra! Put him in prison and throw away the key. His violence can't get much worse but he'll be in a good place to try.
This type of behavior is getting to be a more and more weekly story on airplanes..people just seem to be getting more and more aggressive in their behavior in a lots of place,not just on airplanes, and the courtesy and respect for others we seemingly used to have, has disappeared..the people who attack flight crew members verbally or physically, i am gyessing are just angry about everythong in general in their lives,and have no idea what consequences they face for their will get worse before it gets better..
We have to stop coddling these people!
They have to be dealt with, or they will continue thinking these physically aggressive, law-breaking, authority-disregarding, attitudes are acceptable!
Me thinks the prison/correctional industrial complex has a lot to do with massive prison
Happens everywhere! Women getting popped on subways in NYC and bystanders, probably including her boyfriend, did nothing but play cinematographer. I hope I would do the right thing if faced with actions such as this and I was able to intervene but I am just not sure.
So much hatred sewn by so many these days.
sadly....intervene and you will probably be charged... damn!
When the flying public decides to take the train or stay at home, THEN and probably ONLY THEN, something will happen. As usual, it all comes down to money here in the US>
The airlines need to make a PSA at the beginning of each flight concerning these
disruptive actions. "If you interfere with a flight crew, you will be charged with a federal crime and if convicted, a mandatory prison sentence".
How many million$ of taxpayer dollars were paid to the whining airlines through the pandemic who love to pose themselves and their employees as victims. I'm done being victimized by excessively expensive fares & terrible customer service and will not travel by airborne cattle car. Here's another thought to ponder, all of the airlines who've purchased Boeing MAX 80 have done so for economic rather than safety reasons so perhaps a good ass-kicking for Delta and other airlines' executives is the ticket to get their sorry asses to get their priorities straight.
Ch Mi -4
I wonder how many of these incidents started over a mask issue. Some folks can get triggered when they are ordered to do something they feel is stupid in the first place. I’m not trying to start a discussion about the effectiveness of masks, just that is a sore point with many folks, and when “ordered “ to comply, the issue escalates. I’ll bet when the mask requirement is removed, these incidents will decrease.
“These” people need to realize, that being asked, requested, ordered or told to do something is not an option!
If they can’t realize this, and adjust or cope with it, then maybe they should go back into their basements, where they can say and do as they want!
D Edwards 10
Just make sure these criminals get placed on the “no fly list” for ALL AIRLINES,not just one airline……
Some folks get triggered when they are ordered to do something they feel is stupid in the first place, like not driving because they've had a few drinks. I'll when the drunk driving requirement is removed, these incidents will decrease.

See the problem with your logic?


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