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Airbus Lands Air France-KLM Jet Order, Capping Trio of Deals

Airbus (AIR.PA) completed a triple crown of aircraft orders at the expense of rival Boeing (BA.N) on Thursday with a deal to supply 100 narrowbody jets to Air France-KLM subsidiaries in the airline group's largest purchase based on number of jets. ( More...

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pilotjag 2
Some more great articles...
Boeing needs to jump ahead with a composite version of a single aisle medium range, medium capacity aircraft. It will cost $ 25 Billion in costs and 6 years in development time. A plane with an economical range of 500 to 3500 nm with 70 % passenger load and a capacity of 120 to 220 passengers is needed to replace all subtypes of the 737 and the A319 to A321 series. Its time for Boeing to build that new plane.
ian mcdonell 1
Gee - maybe Airbus actually build a better product?
No, they are like 35% subsidied by both French and German Tax payers. They also heavily automate so that 3rd world airlines do not have to train as much as Western Airlines are required. What a real Eye opener watch Smithsonian institute channel "Air Disasters". I have riden in both Boeing and Airbus airliners and the Airbus is noisier. Also, I have known several Airline Pilots of both Northwest and United and they did not like the Airbus aircraft at any level. the only other jet airliner that was less liked was the early Brazilian Regional aircraft. Biggest complaint by the airline pilots I knew who flew both Boeing and Airbus products was the over Automation by airbus. US pilots do not like Aircraft systems that they cannot override in an instant.
You got downvoted last time and likely will again. How do you define "Western" airlines (and presumably their pilots)?. Where is the data on the French and German subsidies? Airbus also manufactures in Mobile AL.
Australia is certainly not western and nor is Singapore and New Zealand. I suspect you mean white pilots, and have no basis for your racist remarks.
I can probably come up with as many pilots who prefer Airbus to Boeing.
Boing screwed up when they made a business decision in the design of the MAX models and they are now paying the price. Period.
djames225 4
NO Airbus does NOT get 35% subsidies from EU. Airbus got nailed almost $9BIL in fines and tariffs for subsidies, and are not heading down that rabbit hole again.(and it was no where close to 35%)
As for you BS lines about Airbus being heavily automated, newer fly-by-wire Boeings are in the same ballpark. There is no "heavy automation". If either aircraft has to be flown manually, it IS damn well flown manually.
I see between last blowout where you got downvoted for stupid BS statements, and this time, you have changed it from non Western airlines to 3rd world airlines. I agree with Andy's comment "I suspect you mean white pilots, and have no basis for your racist remarks."
Why don't you just quit spewing while you are ahead.
jeff slack -2
'Competition is the essence of business'

However, let's see them build all of these jets in a timely manner.
The order book is very full if not overflowing into a non-reality.

We will have personal flying vehicles or on-demand flying services by the time these jets are built. IMHO

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What has our President got to do with this?. I agree that Boeing need to "get their issues under control" but they have needed to do thaat for a long time now (since before the Lion Air B737 crash). Airbus aircraft, and more modern Boeing aircraft have fly by wire systems and Boeing showed a classic failure with MCAS that resulted in at least 2 major accidents. Your arguments are ill conceived and invalid.

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djames225 7
With comments like this "Understand this Airbus builds AI system to satisfy Non-Western Airlines who do not put the manual flying training into their Human pilots and do not require minimum manual Landing and Takeoff cycles per flight." you have proven yet again you do not know what you are talking about.
Also, as Andy pointed out, and many on here can atest to, Boeings issues go wayy back from when Boeing moved building an aircraft using engineers to building an aircraft using bean counters. Both Boeing and Airbus build great craft, period!
>>> With comments like this ...

I know, right? I think I'm going to bang my head against the wall for a while, maybe afterwards his comments may make some sense...
djames225 3
I shall save you the time and headache (believe me on that second part) the wall.
There is no 787 Max aircraft. The 787 has been in commercial service for 10 years with no major hull losses nor fatalities. Automation of the 787 is working fine. If you are going to criticize a political party for an aircraft's failings you should start with picking on an aircraft with problems and then specifically cite a Government policy hindering the safety of the passengers.
I think you need some help.
jeff slack 1
You are so right.

I am always surprised when I read a comment like that as the aviation community generally reflects an enlightened and educated viewpoint .......... regardless of whether you agree with it.
Comments in our community generally do not look like the one that is now hidden.
btweston 4
Oh boy…


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