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Heavy Traffic: A B-52 Bomber Is Being Trucked Across The Central United States

A retired U.S. Air Force B-52H Stratofortress nicknamed 'Damage Inc. II' was recently taken out of storage at the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group's 'boneyard' at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and disassembled before beginning its journey eastward across the country to be partially reassembled for research and development purposes. The B-52 and its escorts take up two lanes of traffic so they have to pull over every five miles or so to let traffic pass,… ( 기타...

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Ed Kostiuk 26
This puts the size of the fuselage into perspective and really has some pretty cool photos' as it makes its way across the US.
The "Oversize Load" sign hanging off the tail cracks me up!
I'm glad they put that sign there. Otherwise I might not have noticed...
Exactly!! :-D
Captain Obvious in onboard that plane ...
Well, I've flown in the BUFF low level as a Weapon Systems Operator (in my day, called the Radar Navigator) but never imagined it would ever "fly" this low! :-)
Very cool...great pictures. Ha, "Oversized" is right!
Had a lovely tour and dinner at Pima last November. When we sat among the aircraft we remembered flying some of them and we still marvel at how we were the luckiest people to have had such amazing careers. Thanks for sharing this story.
Should've left the wings attached :)
"Boy, that's the most complicated taxi clearance EVER."
Great to see this BUFF given a new lease on life even if he isn't flying. A truly amazing aircraft.
Never realized just how big those were until seeing it in traffic! GREAT pics!!
That is one incredible move. Very impressive.
My guess is, they will be using BUFFs well into the future and will be using this fuselage and wing assembly for destructive and non-destructive testing to see what they might do to lengthen the life span of these planes. These planes have a huge radar cross section bug then again, they don't require a climate controlled hangar. LOL
I bet 1009 was one of the aircraft our backshop worked on when it was in the hanger for two weeks. I was stationed at Barksdale (where this aircraft was located) from 2002-2005.
I am surprised that they do not want to be able to use it as a flying test bed for the things they plan on testing this with.

That said, I wonder if that bird was at Plattsburgh AFB when I was born. We share the same vintage. :/
Waaay too expensive to return it to flying condition.
“research and development purposes.” My sources tell me the B-52 fleet will be converted to all electric power. Bomb load will be a single hand grenade with a strategic bombing range of 7 nautical miles.
I have no idea if the R&D being talked about is for this purpose, but the B-52s are slated to be re-engined and undergo airframe lifetime extensions. At this rate, they may still be on duty when they are 100 years old.
Wondering if transporting the fuselage on the back of a 747 was considered. The B52 length is shorter than the Space Shuttle.
B-52: 159 feet
Shuttle Orbiter: 122 feet
Where will it cross the Mississippi River and when?

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In your opinion! You’re negativity commenting, when you don’t even know what they’re going to do with it!
btweston -1
Definitely not feeding or housing people.

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And you know this for a fact, how?
btweston -2
You’re giving a lot of undue credit to the military industrial complex.

How dare someone question what massive amounts of taxpayer dollars are funding! Shame!

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srobak 13
flightaware news and comments may be the wrong place for you
I will be the judge of that.
srobak 11
no.... actually the rest of us will, based upon your exhibited behaviour.
Just what do you know about military aircraft and their missions? you sound like a real jacka__s to me.
waynej007 -1
Probably antifa!
Are you always this stupid or is today a special day? You need to go sit on the TV and watch the couch for a while.
waynej007 -1
no comment for a fool.... george soros fan!
You seem to be the expert on motormouthing fools. Do tell.
You’re not bad yourself. Check your Glass House before casting the first stone
My God, there’s some sensitive people on this site today. Get a life ya’ll and stop pouting like ……we’ll children!


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