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Boeing Is Set to Launch Its First New Jet in Nearly Five Years With 50-Plane Qatar Deal

Boeing Co. is preparing to launch the 777X freighter, its first new jet model in nearly five years, with a 50-plane commitment from Qatar Airways, people familiar with the matter said ( 기타...

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“Boeing Is Set to Launch Its First New Jet in Nearly Five Years” is a bit hyperbolic. This won’t be an all-new design, just a freighter version of a type that’s already in flight test. Left unsaid in the reporting is whether the 777X freighter will be a version of the shorter-fuselage 777-8, the longer 777-9, or something in between. In any case the paint quality will need to be better than what Qatar is whining about on its A350s.
Agreed. Just noise. Old news -redux.
Paywall. GRRRR!
“Boeing Is Set to Launch Its First New Jet in Nearly Five Years”? Very mis-leading headline.
The article is unreadable.
To those that have followed this site for several years, its current state of sensation-seeking storylines is a sad story of decay. Its move to tabloid reporting, and all that goes along with that, is disappointing.
By “this site”, you probably mean FlightAware, not Bloomberg…?
correct sir!


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