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Has the world's most iconic aircraft AN-225 been destroyed during Russian attacks?

KYIV, UKRAINE — Among all the ongoing tragedies caused by the Russian invasion in Ukraine, the aviation world is looking for an answer about the fate of the world's most iconic freighter AN-225 Myra. ( 기타...

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the vandals definitely destroyed Mria- but they will be forced to pay for a new one, just as for all other damages they have done. Unfortunately, the lives cannot be given back to those who were brutally murdered
Vandal is an appropriate term. Lawless destruction. Putin deserves life imprisonment for even just the very first life taken.
He deserves a very slow painful execution along with his fellow co-conspirators
Agree with the outcome you mention but that will never, ever, happen.
Death by the same radioactive poison used in political assassinations in Russia?
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The saboteur has not been identified yet, and it may be that Ukraine has fired it out of anger.
So the Russian helicopters etc, that were firing on Gostomel during the second attack were really Ukrainian??????? And that spent Russian shell that the Russian reporter nearly fell over was actually from a ghost Ukraine launcher???
Drawn and Quartering sounds appropriate for Putin, see Braveheart!
This is the Most uttmost devistation of Ukraines Livelyhood . This aircraft was the Power house of moving cargo ,and income for Ukraine so devistated about this news ,and the whole situation .
There was (unfortunate necessity to use past tense) a single instance of commercially active 225. The AN124 remains the powerhouse behind the max-size airlift business.
Well looks like the news may be true and tragic about the AN-225. A Russian news crew feed got intercepted by a Polish Youtuber. AN225 appears to be destroyed as seen in the videos. It was destroyed in the maintenance hangar (again not where it is stored) while awaiting a starboard engine.
lwqcz 6
Mrija is destroyed, but it will be rebuild - using russian war reparations!
Sorry,,did not see your post till too late. It cannot be rebuilt from the looks of it but, as the Polish person stated, there is the other airframe that was never completed.
user3956 1
I was wondering about that other airframe as well, hopefully it will be completed at some point so the world can have another 225. I was more than upset when I heard the plane had been destroyed, hopefully this conflict will end soon.
I am afraid, that the other airframe that was never completed might be destroyed too.
Rebuilt doesn't equal repaired... Just like a house that is rebuilt after a fire, you start over from scratch with a new frame...
Rebuilt can also mean repaired if the damage is not too great. A rebuilt engine is basically the same main unit that is, in a way, repaired using new parts.
A house which is rebuilt still uses the same foundation, with which a new frame is installed upon. The AN225 airframe cannot use the main foundation to rebuild it. Hence it will have to be a new build.
Either way, this airframe is now destroyed and a new unit will have to be built, hopefully using the start of the second airframe.
The king is dead. Long live the king.
Russian war reparations? Where would be the money coming from? Who would pay for this distractions?
The billions Putin and his buddies have stolen from the Russian People, for starters.
After watching the linked-vid, I guess it's not a rumor. Sux.
It's mostly been said already - Just senseless bullying vandalism of a crazed dictator. The Russian people are generally honourable. However, they're lead by a crazed megalomaniac who won't allow them the truth and bans them from seeing true News reports. He only came into power by false election results. He now can't even tell the true situation from the lies he tells.
After lying about his intentions he & his spokesmen say his lies about not attacking Ukraine were justified misdirections to the Ukrainian Government & the world!
Bummed but grateful I got to see her in Tulsa. This whole conflict is a tragic waste.
Saw the Myria display at the Abbotsford air show in 1989. Incredible aircraft.
Whether it is true or not, I know the love that a pilot feels for a particular aircraft. My heart goes out not only to the country, but to her faithful and loving crew.
yes, please see report:
Antonov An-225 - Destroyed (Ukrainge)

Date: Sunday 27 February 2022
Type: Antonov An-225
Operator: Antonov Airlines
Registration: UR-82060
MSN: 19530503763
First flight: 1988-12-21 (33 years 3 months)
Crew: Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 0
Passengers: Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 0
Total: Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 0
Aircraft damage: Destroyed
Aircraft fate: Written off (damaged beyond repair)
Location: Kyiv-Gostomel Airport (GML) ( Ukraine)
Phase: Standing (STD)
Nature: -
Departure airport: -
Destination airport: -
The sole Antonov An-225, the world’s largest cargo aircraft, was destroyed by fire at Gostomel Airport during the Russian attack on Ukraine.
That thing is toast. There ain’t no rebuilding that ol bird. Better finnish the one sitting at factory that’s 3/4 finnished they ran out of money to finnish
orvlnet -1
Finish ;-)
srobak 2
Sadly this is all debate to rest.
The demolition of that special aircraft is like a symbol of victory to Putin.
He never takes care for unique items. As well as not for human beings.
Unfortunately destroyed, and no viable rationale to build another. Can't close the economic case, especially since the projected $3b will be desperately needed for more critical priorities.

It's a shame, but at least we have videos.

There will never be another Saturn 5, Space Shuttle or Concorde either, but technology moves on.
Another is already 60% built. And with all the aviation people behind her and Antonov employees being as determined as they are, if I was a betting man, my bet is on them.
srobak 0
there were multiple shuttles and more than a dozen concordes.
srobak -3
seriously - downvoting a simple, factual statement? lol. this place gets worse every week.
Yesterday it was reported that the AN-225 *had* been destroyed. Today the question is *has* it been destroyed. When I expressed skepticism over yesterday's report I got 20 thumbs down.

This is the latest OFFICIAL report from the Antonov company:

Update on the information of #AN225 "Mriya" aircraft: Currently, until the AN-225 has been inspected by experts, we cannot report on the technical condition of the aircraft.

Stay tuned for further official announcement.

#StopRussia #StopRussiaAggression #Ukraine

If as people said it was destroyed beyond repair I am sure the Antonov company would be able to tell us.

If you go to the webpage announcing it's destruction they show the above tweet from the Antonov company along with a picture that looks like it is a screen grab from a video game.

Until we are shown credible pictures of its destruction I still remain very skeptical of these reports. Where are the satellite images? We were treated every day leading up to the invasion to satellite images of Russia's build-up along the border. Where are the satellite images now?
Greg S 9
Your statement is false, of course, but that is your specialty. You received 20 thumbs down because of your dishonest defense of the Russian invasion, not because you're skeptical of reports out of this conflict.
Antonov cannot get in there to assess any damage as airport is surrounded. That is why they put out the statement they did.
As Dmytro stated, they are 99% sure is destroyed but it is speculations without eyesight. Ukraine forces were going by what they were told from "the other guys" and now it is seen about the other guys.."trust their word as far as you can throw a grain of sand."
BTW, that hangar with the aircraft shown on fire, is NOT where AN225 is stored and that was stated a few times yesterday.
I'm wondering if there are two. The engine pods on the right look as if there were no engines installed. If there is only one, was it in maintenance status?
1 of the engines on the starboard side was off for maintenance, 1 looks like it's sitting on the ground and 1 is buried from the looks of it.
I wondered why the aircraft hadn't been moved prior to the invasion. They certainly had enough warning that trouble was coming. Some articles said it was having engine work done. I bet they wished they'd disregarded normal flight protocol and just gotten the plane in the sky to get it over the border. Too late now.
That thing is difficult to take off on just 5 engines.
The money is coming from all of the Russian oil being purchased by US firms, since the government won't allow US producers to produce to their capabilities..
I have also read that an AN-124 was destroyed
This is from a Ukrainian Hostomel airport personal video "an AN-26, AN-28, AN-74 were destroyed by Russian forces. It is 99% presumed the AN-225 is destroyed or severely damaged. But without seeing with the eyes in the airport, it is speculation."
Also it is stated elsewhere that an AN-124 (82009) was also destroyed by fire and it is perhaps that aircraft that was seen ablaze in the photos. But again, speculation. I'm still waiting for info on UR09307, the AN-22a.
It’s hard to believe, guess the Gus who did it were Blind.
ADXbear 1
Well let's hope it was only damaged.. it just came out it was there getting maintenance and unable to be flown out.. it just seems discussion of this war has been going on for months, that airplane could have been somewhere safe getting maintenance..
Don't forget trump says Putin is a GENIUS, so 'tards keep supporting trump and his Ruskie friends Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn (trumps former NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR), wiki leaks, Carter Page, trumps campaign as proved by the Mueller Report... So you trump supporters should be Happy! Well done.
Take your politics and stuff it in your ear, We don't care to hear your BS !
The aircraft is burned out
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Russia May Revive AN-225 After Occupying Ukraine
...except Russia won't be occupying Ukraine...
UPDATE: I was watching this news report (featuring the great Col Douglas MacGregor) and I noticed at the 0:35 in the video a satellite image of the hangar where the AN-225 is stored and it showed a large hole in the roof so it appears that if the aircraft was in its hangar it likely is destroyed. Link to video below - go to 35 mark
WD Rseven -1
I smell a stinking, commie rat.
My comment was directed to Randy Marcos's comment!
There is a 2nd AN225 coming and going from SJO to Ukraine this week.
Greg S 2
srobak 2
you do know the 2nd one was in parts, in the other hangar across from the operational one, right? It has no wings, engines, wiring... nothing.
Actually it was at a storage facility near the Antonov plant. They were at one time going to move it to Gostomel, but to move that would cost an arm and a leg 1000x
What you probably saw was an AN124. That is AN225's baby brother and what it was derived from.


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