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Boeing 737 MAX jet headed toward China completion plant

A Boeing 737 MAX jet that took off from Seattle on Monday is en route to the manufacturer's completion plant in China, two industry sources said, in a sign, the model is closer to returning to commercial flights thereafter a three-year grounding. ( 기타...

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Pretty easy to boycott Russia (no vodka or caviar) over Ukraine. Wonder if all these greedy corporations will boycott China when they invade Taiwan?
What if China decides to boycott the US? Now that would be something would it not?
My thought is that they will not actively boycott as the "greedy corporations" have to take care of their #1 customer who are the stockholders. Not the government, not Delta, not RyanAir, not Air China, but the stockholders whose demands only ratchet in one direction. My 2 cents.
I guess that by "greedy corporations" the OP meant "greedy stockholders".
money and greed have no soul. Further sign that the US's power is in consumption and not production.
I would blame our government, however, the second half is absolutely true.
rdragoo 7
Ken Hardy is exactly right...shortsighted US companies have willingly given away technology that will eventually comeback to haunt us...
Ken Hardy 11
What does Boeing do when China's 919 starts taking sales for the 737 program, and it will. American aerospace companies are stupid to send technology to China, between what the companies have exposed China to and what China has stolen, China has saved billions in R&D
919 program has been going on for a very long time without any production aircraft entering service yet. FWIW, ~60% of the 919 is from US companies.
60%? that 60% is from US companies with plants in China already and the 919 is entering service with Chinese carriers who already have the plane on order. It's just a matter of time until the Chinese offer the 919 at prices half the cost of a 737
Good Lord, people, do some research before posting comments. The 'Completion Plant' in China is only used to outfit interiors and to paint some liveries for Chinese airlines. Before the pandemic, 1/3 of all 737s were sold to Chinese customers, so it makes sense to have China do the final outfitting due to the language barrier.
dmerck 2
By that logic, that language is a barrier to serving the Chinese consumer, then China would not be able to manufacture consumer products for the West. Hmmm🤔

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Your attitude shared via your computer mostly made from parts made in China passed through WiFi devises or cabling made in China routed through servers constructed out of parts made in part or whole made in CHina hear you. The next time in a store read labels and get disgusted about how much stuff is made in China by American companies. It wasn't the Chinese that stole manufacturing. It was american business moving production to China for way cheaper manufacturing then keeping prices just as high to reap higher prices. Of course as you have seen then blame China for stealing American jobs. Not that politicians financed by US businesses misguide the public by ranting about China stealing jobs.
Yup, investor greed fueled China's spectacular and rapid growth with the demand for cheap labor being the accelerant.
dmerck 3
The root problem is that consumers decide on price point wo regard for the consequences. Business responds to market conditions or perish.
It's the Wall Street problem and disease.
Ahhh, hello ! ! ! ! It's about money. Reduced costs = more profit to Boeing shareholders.
We seem to have come to the point where we can't do or make a damn thing in our once great country.
Another good reason not to fly on one!
WHAT? CHINA? This has to be a joke! Would anyone fly in a plane made in China?
Another thing made in China like my Sam's Club's dehydrated garlic is a product of China. Except for most of us Americans. Thanks for our western US railroad tracks.
TWA55 1
As long as Boeing deals with China and Russia, they are a NO FLY ZONE for me.
Yep!. If it's Boeing, I ain't going!


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