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Air New Zealand is Launching One of the Longest Flights in the World, Auckland to New York

Air New Zealand is launching direct flights from New York to Auckland this fall, the first-ever direct flights from the East Coast to New Zealand. ( 기타...

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Air NZ, I live there, were talking of this route before Covid reared it's head and remembering they no longer fly to the UK so Vancouver and soon New York will be their furthest routes. My preference is to Fly Air NZ I have never had a bad experience with them.
I just did the JFK to SIN nonstop at 18:50 min and that was after Russia airspace was closed. Singapore Air only offers premium economy on this flight and I am surprised they are offering economy. No way would I ever do less then premium economy with additional space, leg and foot rests and more recline on such a flight. I would imagine this new route would only be West from JFK as the JFK to SIN is almost equal East West or North (not north while Russia is closed) and Auckland is about 10 hours from SIN south and east
I think is a good and bold move by Air New Zealand. Like all other airlines they have been hit hard over the past couple of years. It is going to be the ones who take bold maybe risky steps now to get back on their feet who might bounce back first. Looking at new routes instead of relying on old established ones, to me anyways shows forward thinking.... Hope it works out well for them.
Absolutely - there's not many airlines yet taking on such long-haul - nobody's queuing up to reinstate heading back down to NZ - thinking outside the box is just what NZ needs to recover from the horrendous lockdown imposed
U r so on pt with ur statement. A very long 🛫 loved ANZ and hope it works for them in my city of NYC!
gmahler 4
When will writers learn that direct and non stop are not the same. Also show a 787 and not a 777..
Just wanted to point out that ANZ once flew to London-Heathrow via both Hong Kong * LAX (clockwise & anticlockwise). Now it doesn't fly to London-Heathrow at all & sold its slots there because it couldn't stand the competition. And this was before COVID.
It will be interesting to see how this New York flight pans out.
If AAL, UAL or DAL, also do the same thing, will ANZ quit again because of competition?
I remember back in the late 1970's ANZ flew to LHR via LAX including a polar flight which was conducted by British Airways Pilots. At That time ANZ did not have landing rights into LHR. The LAX-LHR via polar route had a BA flt nbr.
Actually Bob - that route existed for quite some time - ANZ first started NZ > UK flights in '82 with the arrival of B747-200 in '81 (via Papeete & LAX originally)- to Gatwick

Originally ANZ crews flew the entire route, even via Dallas for a while.

Then they started an agreement with BAW - handing over the aircraft to BAW crews at LAX who flew it LAX < > LHR … this was much easier on both ANZ & BAW aircrews & retained the landing rites - unaware people who re-embarked at LAX were left wondering if they were on the right aircraft/flight - -

That route was never successful - at it's peak les than 7% of European travelers to NZ flew ANZ.

It flew as NZ001/002 until ANZ sold it's landing rite at LHR 01/20 (to United I think) for US$27m, effective 10/20.

The original idea was to drop LHR & start flying to Newark, also in Oct 2020, however covid intervened.
I have had 2 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, plus 2 boosters. (I am an ER Doc). But I would not go to NZ now as they are making entry too difficult.
Many countries are making it too difficult to enter, including the USA. It's time to drop the covid test prior to crossing a border. It adds up when it's $100 a pop and you enter several countries. I haven't traveled overseas since covid.
Aussie just announced y/day that travelers from NZ to Aust. will, in about a week, no longer be required to have a pre-flight negative covid test .... those tests were big $'s. ..... a little scary tho, you could be seated same row as someone just oozing covid - or a hacking cough behind you ....
Still - - the way the worlds moving now toward re-opening properly I suppose - used to be aircraft were breeding grounds for everyone getting off the flight with the flu that someone in row 1 has ....
Looking for info on whether it would be planned to fly E or W, not in the article.
Over the Pacific is just shy of 8000 nm. Suspect that will be the route. (See )
I flew roundtrip from Houston to Auckland a couple of years ago on Air New Zealand's 787 and I couldn't imagine another 2 hours on board. Worse yet, what if the plane was full of New Yorkers, ouch.
Brilliant - necessary to close earlier, however over-due for our borders to re-open & aircraft get aircraft coming & going - the aviation sector needs all the business it can get - if it wasn't for the Governments (horrendously high interest rate) Line Of Credit the Govt extended for ANZ to draw down if needed, ANZ would be gone.

The Govt have done no favours whatsoever to the hospitality & tourist markets that are the blood of the country's veins - vast numbers have closed..... import airfreight rates up over 700% - and mostly still there.

Roll on ANZ - open up fully, and hopefully other operators will return too - even tho figures show long-haul pax is really not recovering too fast.
You're laying a lot of responsibility on one bank.
Because of the measurements put in place by governments worldwide, a lot of people related to airlines, travel, hotels ect lost their jobs. Government officials and politicians did not lose a penny of their income during this period. Banks, hospitals and other industries only made MORE money
a bank?
Sha McC 3
"ANZ" often refers to one of the major banks in Australia and New Zealand. Officially, it's the "Australia and New Zealand Banking Group", but it markets itself as "ANZ" or "ANZ Bank". It's a common retail bank, so virtually everyone in NZ has heard of it.

OF course, in aviation contexts like this, ANZ refers to Air New Zealand's ICAO code. However, if you asked kiwis about "ANZ" they would think of the bank first (except perhaps for some plane geeks in an aviation context!)
I know before COVID a EWR <-> AUK was in the works.
How often do they change crews?
I do agree with Greg Lawson and hope for the best
Well done ANZ us KIWI'S are very smart operators

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Whoever down voted please explain
Anyone can downvote anything for any reason. For me, the reason is that you're trolling on subjects not related to aircraft and aviation.
gmahler 1
I didn't down vote but I should have as Direct is not the same as Nonstop, and showing a 777 when it's about a 787 is not accurate. It is all about getting the facts correct in my opinion.
NZ requires you to disclose your passwords on all your devices or face prosecution and fines.
Please elaborate...
This is at Customs & Immigration, IF requested - yes? the same as everywhere else.
We don't (yet) have jackboots checking randoms on the street .....
Same is true for entering the U.S.
I did a quick search using your words and there are many articles written in 2018 about it. I didn't search further to see if those laws are still in effect. I think they're more hurt by their handling of COVID.

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supejc 28
I still can't figure out why some people feel an insatiable hunger for going on long-winded covid diatribes in a forum about airplanes.
I think we all know what is in your pipe.
jeff slack 18
You obviously do not live in NZ.

Most of us (some 90% plus) are pleased with our Govts. response over the past 2 years to the pandemic.
We of course have our detractors and some are complete idiots.

See you in Newark this September!!
JFK, thankfully.
Could it be Stockholm syndrome?
Dictators also.
Socialist BS in my opinion. I know a couple Kiwis over here in THailand and none of them likes the government, same goes for the Aussies I know.

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In a forum about flying and aeropolanes??
Yes it is about flying but because of measurements put in place by governments worldwide, a lot of people related to airlines, travel, hotels ect lost their jobs. Government officials and politicians did not lose a penny of their income during this period.

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The impression you've made is more than obvious.
Simple. You’re ok with more dead people as long as you get yours.

It’s a potty training issue, not a political argument.
You presume you know what I believe - heck ... oh, and you really couldn't be more wrong... ... people open the door, don't be upset when others walk thru it & comment
Bob Horgan -3
How come ANZ is rated as worlds safest airline?? They had a DC10 that crashed into Mt Erebus while flying through total whiteout. Pilots were disorientated. After that incident Qantas suspended their Antarctic flights.
That happened over 40 years ago.
Yes I know it was 40 years ago but that does Not quite answer my question. The Airline was suspected of fabricating the evidence. One of the pilots home was broken into within a 12 hour period. Dont know what they were looking for.


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