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U.S. NTSB helps China download voice record of crashed Boeing jet

April 1 (Reuters) - The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said Friday it was assisting Chinese investigators with the download of the cockpit voice recorder in Washington from an China Eastern Airlines (600115.SS) Boeing (BA.N) 737-800 jet as it sent a team of U.S. investigators to China. ( More...

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Wasiu Adeleke 13
Let's hope they find out the reason to avoid such disaster next time. RIP to all the victims
sparkie624 9
That is great news.... More confident about the accuracy!
bosquetia 7
Is there any failure that would cause an aircraft to nose dive vertical and keep it in that attitude. Even if you put the plane in that dive and let go it will try to recover. My first thought is it was intentional but I have only flown GA so not sure about the big guys like the 777.
Here comes the China obfuscation and blamestorming.

Prepare for an onslaught of national-pride saving baloney.
DonDengler 1
Have a good day
The aircraft goes on a nose dive is scary something went wrong machinacal or dilibrate ??
Robert Mack 7
Deliberate - my apologies but I can’t elaborate more at this time.
Jaime Terrassa -2
but will Boeing tell the truth when they translate
Doug Haviland 1
Apparently you think China is a more reliable and truthful source of the crash details than th
Robert Mack 3
Mr. Haviland, never would I nor many on this thread ever believe that (nor many on the Chinese mainland who know they’re fed only what the CCP wants the world to believe). With a 45-year career operating throughout 98 countries on six continents, there are many good people out there who only want the truth. Aside from my original post above I can assure you that this tragedy was NOT a Boeing issue. Have a good week-end, my friend.
Doug Haviland 2
Mr. Mack, Iwant to assure you my comment was NOT addressed to you. The fact is I agree with your comment. I was actually addressing Jaime Terrassa. I’m sorry you misunderstood. You have a great day as well
Robert Mack 1
Mr. Haviland, in addition to knowing the “inside” information on this incident, I also know that you’re a good man! Many thanks and all the best!!
And you would know this how?
Robert Mack 0
Extremely knowledgeable and reliable sources, sir.
As you are unwilling to disclose your sources, we consider that your comments have no validity.
Doug Haviland 0
Than the manufacturer.
俊宇 袁 1
Yeah I think they will.


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