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FAA Rules YouTuber Trevor Jacob Purposely Crashed Airplane

The Federal Aviation Administration has ruled that YouTuber Trevor Jacob crashed his 1940 Taylorcraft into the Los Padres National Forest in California on purpose... ( More...

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bbabis 25
I wrote this off as a stunt upon hearing about it. Any video of the event just proves it.

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Guy Rovella 14
You forgot the other option: Asshole.
If you view these vids you make the assholes money.
Stop supporting jerks.
tlfys1 45
I would like to kick this clown's teeth in for crashing a perfectly good 1940 Taylorcraft. No excuse for this kind of insanity.
EMK69 22
The really sad part, besides the loss of a beautiful plane, is that someone right now is watching his videos laughing and telling his buddies.............hold my beer
EMK69 10
I should add a footnote.......Hold my this younger generation means they can do it better or more powerful than some idiot who post stuff on social media. I watched 3 young men the other day who put firecrackers in their butt and lite them off.

One of them was heard to say, after he screamed in pain, "my mom is going to ask where my brain is."
Cleffer 26
He can confidently tell his mother he just lit a firecracker off next to it.
Rick VanSice 1
What brain did he have to begin with??
Don Whyte 2
Ugh now that's disturbing.
Love it
Arun Nair 18
Well, we all saw that one coming. But I really hope someone brings a criminal charge against him as well. That plane could have crashed on something of value or even started a forest fire. What a nut job!
I totally agree, because I was thinking the same thing. A more justifiable fate would have been the parachute failing and the plane landing safely in some mountain meadow. Maybe his next venture will be shopping for a jet pack at Wile E. Coyote's favorite company -- ACME.
Ken Lane 15
With any luck, upon surrender of his certificate they'll tell him, "Don't bother reapplying."

This punk was destined to kill someone with his stupidity.
Kathie Daniel 6
Thing is, these selfish fools would end up killing some innocent person, instead of cleansing the gene pool by killing themselves.
My guess is if he tries to get a new medical after revocation, there's a huge red flag waiting for him in OKC. His medical app will indicate he has been revoked, his youtube vids discuss depression in detail elsewhere, and the reason for his revoked medical and pilot certificates will flag him requiring a special issuance which will be very expensive. More likely than not, though, this snowboarder will do whatever he wants until he is caught again.
Pete Pereira 0
I don't believe his medical has been revoked. I don't think the FAA has the authority to do so.
It has, and they do. And they will.

FAR 67.307(c) directly addresses the issuance and validity of the medical certificate in these cases. FAR 67.313(c) further addresses qualifications pertinent, and FAR 67.407(c) states in pertinent part: The authority of the Administrator to reconsider the action of an Aviation Medical Examiner is delegated to the Federal Air Surgeon, the Director, Aeromedical Certification Division and the Regional Flight Surgeon. Where the person does not meet the standards...any action taken under this section is subject to reconsideration by the Federal Air Surgeon. And 67.409 Denial of Certificate: Any action taken pursuant to 67.407(c) a denial of the certificate.
Finally, 67.413 and 415 discuss revocation and what the airman can do about it.

The FAA airman registry for the airman contains an entry, but lists No Certificates and No Medical Certifications, yet it was reported that he was a private pilot. At one point he had a least a Class III medical to take the check ride.
sparkie624 4
The FAA Most certainly does have the authority to revoke it.
sparkie624 26
A new generation of Idiots! He deserved everything he got and more! I love to watch Idiots, and he sure qualified.
marion14505 32
Sadly, he thought to bring a parachute.
That was my first clue that this was intentional, not an accident.
Mark Kortum 14
And more sadly, it worked
sparkie624 4
Someone probably told him it would be a good idea... I am sure he did not think of it all by himself...

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Looks like you were the one who got duped. Anyone knows that most of Dan Gryder's info is speculation. Common sense should have sent up a red flag as to who is going to go to the trouble of hauling a wrecked airframe into inhospitable mountain terrain. Wake up man.
Guy Rovella 2
Don't waste your time on idiots.
But they live amongst us.
Only the Youtube viewers....
belzybob 11
What about a ticket for littering the forest?
So... thus far his only punishment is the revocation of his ticket, which so far he has refused to do, so he also gets fined? What a sick joke. He should at least face charges of public endangerment. Maybe the insurance company will get involved, there is likely a claim filed for accidental loss.
Torsten Hoff 14
If he makes a claim for accidental loss, I hope they charge him with insurance fraud as well.
WhiteKnight77 0
He should be telling his Mom that he does not have one.
WhiteKnight77 1
This reply was meant as a reply for the story about the firecrackers in the rear ends by emkostiuk.
Suppose that plane had landed on a remote but occupied log cabin causing death and a forest fire. Seems pretty obvious his flight plan did not take into considerations possible ramifications.
sparkie624 6
The only thing he took into account was how many youtube views he was going to get and how big of a show he could make... Worst thing you can do is to watch the show... at that point, he has gotten what he wanted!
Maybe if we go there and inundate it with thumbs down YouTube will remove it.
YouTube removed the thumbs-down count from view, I suppose because in this day and age someone's feelings might get hurt. Clicking it does nothing now.
YouTube removed it so the general public cannot see it, but as a YouTube channel owner, the email I received said that YouTube can still see the thumbs down and will use them in determining whether to leave a post up or remove it.
lynx318 2
There is an app to show the tbumbs down, in chrome anyway, for use on PC.
sparkie624 1
LOL... that is good... I left him a Comment with a Big Down Arrow....
I forgot.. I will go leave a negative comment too.
linbb 3
He can refuse all he wants but they do it by other means making it not valid OK?
Gregg Bender 8
I just cringed when he destroyed that T-craft. There's a whole raft of charges he could be hit with. I had hoped they'd throw the book at him. Revoking his license isn't nearly enough.
Kathie Daniel 5
So sorry he did not qualify for the Darwin Awards, since the parachute worked.
What's he going to try next? Crashing a dumptruck into a building???
Jim Smirh 4
Now there's an idea, Kathie! I'd only suggest that, since he likes to "fly" (as long as he has a 'chute), he should try jumping across a canyon with that truck (load optional, of course. can't be too safe!).
john baugh 5
Shame to waste an 82 year old flyable airplane. Lots of history and someone would've loved to have owned it. Why couldn't he have picked a homebuilt?
Guy Rovella 2
Another crime in this debacle.
Darryl Lyons 5
DB Cooper with no money
gilgraham 5
This guy displayed the maturity of a 12 year old. Why not pull off the "stunt" with a buddy hiding in the back to fly the plane home? It would have had the same effect, since anyone with aircraft knowledge can tell it was all fake.
Why are you so down on 12 year olds? Any 12 year old I know displays much better judgment that this clown.
Sam Hobbs 4
It says "he claims the aircraft’s engine fails and precedes to parachute out of the airplane". Is it saying that his parachuting out preceded the engine failure?
I don't advocate bodily harm but it would have been poetic justice for the parachute to fail and the plane gliding to a safe landing.
jakesta13 4
I archived a copy of his YT video, apparently he has trimmed parts out of his uploaded video on YT.. I saved it before he did that.
sparkie624 3
He knows he is in trouble... Trying to safe face, but too little too late! - Thanks for the link
Mark Kortum 4
The old saying: "Never trust anyone with two first names." works here.
fireboy63 2
This was my EXACT first thought when reading the headline!
D J Penny 4
If he filed an insurance claim he should be facing Criminal, not just Civil charges of insurance fraud.
marion14505 10
This is why I can't watch "YouTubers."
Shenghao Han 17
Except Captain Joe, 74 Gear and Mentor Pilot
Cleffer 6
Add AirForceProud95, and you've 100% hit my YouTube subscription list.
I am searching to see if Blancolirio had a comment or four.
Paul Sakrison 13
Except Juan Browne/Blancolirio.
sparkie624 7
LOL... Idiots born every day!
Brian Freeman 3
While the FAA may not have the ability to prosecute, the local or federal prosecutor with jurisdiction over where the plane went down surely has the ability to enforce more than a few laws violated during this stunt. This mental pygmy needs to be in jail with an amorous cellmate.
Bill Overdue 3
Sick SOB?
But good ole DB had a parachute
sparkie624 5
At least the plane DB was in did not crash!
Launchpad McQuack from Duck Tales was a better pilot and he lived up to his name.
Dan Dulava 3
And his insurance claim goes up in smoke. Bummer.
We have a new member of the Aviation Aholes Hall of Shame. Too bad his chute opened.
The AAHS - love it, lolol! :D
Plane fuel...engine was just fine...basically planned to run out of gas! This is sensational to anyone that doesn't actually understand that flying is a privilege not a mere joke!
tam nelson 2
Dummies and their quest for fame on social media...
mbrews 4
This is why I've sworn off the Winter Olympics. And not just for the corruption/

These snowboarders put on various circus acts and call it athletics.

The stunts are broadcast and MONETIZED by big media like NBC.

Claw back the first responders costs and any insurance payout money from this clown.
The problem isn't the snowboard, it's the selfie stick.

Well that, and the guy's acting ability.
linbb 0
Winter Olympics? UM wrong site stay with the program here guy,,,,,,,,,,,,airplanes
mbrews 6
- The guy who crashed the plane after parachuting is an American SNOWBOARD cross competitor.
Who added to his fame in a prior Winter Olympics.

Look beyond the short 7-word headline.

Rex Bentley 4
Used to say in the service "one aw shit" wipes out a thousand atta boys but that was usually because of a stupid mistake. I think this one wipes out alot more than a thousand.
He is still a jerk!
Michael Ley 0
Let it go buddy
Brian Freeman -1
Fame is quite a stretch in describing the "accomplishments" of a snowboarder. Legitimate Olympians probably disagree with your assessment. Snowboarding "fame" notwithstanding, he is an idiot.
So what if he is an Olympic snowboarder. You want to REALLY impress me? Snowboard down Mt. Everest.
How Stupid
BoscoBob 1
One word - Prosecute.
Ok here im gonna make a new word: crapbrat (1: A idiot who crashes planes. 2: Particularly a youtuber. 3: an idiot who crashed a plane in a FOREST. Here is how we use crapbrat in a sentence: Trevor Jacob is a crapbrat for crashing a plane.
lynx318 1
Wing tanks full of water, fuel lines disconnected, running only on an improvised jerry can's worth of fuel. Yeah nothing shady going on here.
Gregory Swango less than a minute1DownvoteUpvote
Plane fuel...engine was just fine...basically planned to run out of gas! This is sensational to anyone that doesn't actually understand that flying is a privilege not a mere joke!
Guy Rovella 1
Where did you see this?
lynx318 2
In the comments below the article, spotted by an experienced pilot I assume.
H Ghavam 1
Hey Bill,
Agree with you about the illegality of being not only that stupid but dangerous. We have a lot of these folks in congress. Where to started
kelpro999 1
Has the wrecked plane been found?
Guy Rovella 1
Yes. The moron hiked over to it when he landed and recorded the whole thing.
Served him right to land in bramble bushes.
sparkie624 1
Been nice if he had found a Cactus instead of those Bushes! I may have given him an upvote on You Tube if he had published himself stuck on top of a Tall Cactus!
Ha ha ha... That would have been too hilarious.
sparkie624 1
LOL.. If he did not find the plane, he would not have had much video to edit! UGH.. >Memory cards!
kelpro999 0
The real question is has anyone seen it since it was crashed? If it was there it was removed before the first video.
Guy Rovella 1
Lying POS. Lucky the crash didn't start a wild fire
WhiteKnight77 1
This I D 10 T deserves everything he receives due to this stunt. Sadly his parachute worked.
Dan Gryder had an interesting take on this one. If he's right on this, which he has been on other crazy stories in the past, everyone will have egg on their face, including the FAA & myself. He put out a teaser video on this several weeks back. Will be interesting to see the follow up whenever he posts it. The situation he outlined certainly sounds plausible.
Dan Gryder likes to speculate. Just this morning he had to issue an apology for his take on the crash of the young lady cargo pilot killed the other day. You want good facts, watch Mentour Pilot's channel Mentour now.
Adolfo Rosado 2
But he did apologize.
Gee. Are we making excuses for this guy now?
sparkie624 1
Jeffery Dahmer Said he was sorry as well! :) - Actually he is sorry... "Sorry he got caught!"
Another example of people with too much money and not enough sense.
Adolfo Rosado 0
I think they're completely wrong on this as they are in many of their conclusions. The big surprise is, it didn't take them that long. Usually it's years when it involves loss of life and potential recommendations which they never make anyway. I stand by Dan Gryder's assessment of this event.
Why is everyone so surprised? Of course, the FAA acted promptly AND properly. Suppose his next stunt actually killed someone? Fake or not, the guy is an idiot that does not need to have the ability to create havoc FOR YOUTUBE VIEWS.
Bill Overdue 0
It should be illegal for a person to be so stupid?
Mark Kortum 2
We could never build enough jails.
Yeah, but if we locked them all up, there would be no room at the Inn for the real criminals.
I hate to play devils advocate here but stunts are just that - stunts. Do we know for sure he didn’t conduct due diligence for securing a safe area to conduct the stunt? Seems like uninhabited terrain to me. If it were being filmed for a Hollywood movie, it would be ok? Or did he miss some vital approval? Seems to me like the only person he realistically endangered was himself. My bet is he ultimately gets reinstated. It took over a year for the FAA to revoke Martha Lunken’s certificates, which she agrees she likely could have gotten back had she fought it in court. Why the speedy action here?

Also, everyone jumps on this bandwagon and forgets about the PBOR we fought so desperately for to prevent this kind of FAA steamrolling. Flying may not be his livelihood but what if it were? He should be afforded notification of investigation, due process, and appeal rights before any administrative action is taken against his certificates. When we don’t advocate for these things for ALL pilots, the PBOR won’t hold water if or when YOU need it most.

If his lawyer can prove that the FAA violated his PBOR, that alone will be grounds for reinstatement.

The guy worked with Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus. Surely he contacted a stunt person to consult on the legalities of the stunt.
Ken Lane 4
Can you imagine anyone who is seriously dealing with an actual emergency with loss of power over mountains jumping out of the plane with their selfie stick at the ready?

Besides, he was wearing a parachute. Why? It's certainly not required.
TJ Kozma -1
I always fly with my parachute. Gravity always wins.
Strange, irrational comment T.J.
dcmeigs 3
I take your point and I do agree to a point, but no amount of due diligence can justify the risks. You may recall, A few years ago an idiot with fireworks set the Columbia River Gorge aflame destroying a priceless resource for generations and endangering hikers and residents homes. This stunt could have easily had a similar outcome. It was a dick move with selfish motivation.
This guy will not get reinstated. Even stunts require permission. He disregarded all safety protocol and endangered the environment and possible private property. He is lucky there was not a forest fire had the plane, real or fake, caught fire on impact. Real thrillseekers climb mountains or surf 50 ft waves.
His fake video even fooled the FAA,
John Giroux 1
go troll somewhere else..


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