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Russia Will Quit International Space Station Over Sanctions

The head of Russia’s space program said Moscow will pull out of the International Space Station, state media reported, a move it has blamed on sanctions imposed over the invasion of Ukraine. ( 기타...

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Can we just open the pod bay doors, HAL? Asking for a friend.
SorenTwin 8
"Can I have your room?"
John David 28
Don't let the airlock hit your ass on the way out, Vladimir!
Sucks for them. Good luck building their own space station, with the capabilities of the ISS, by themselves, footing the bill themselves, with few international or commercial partners.
Dale Ballok 12
They made their bed, now they need to lie in it!
sparkie624 18
This is the Best News of the war yet... Never liked seeing them up there in the first place!
ADXbear 17
Good... We spent many years building the ISS and can operate and moved the ISS around in orbit without the Russian segment, though more difficult, but I don't they will be allowed to take that segment with them, it would only burn up and end any possibility of adding them back to the ISS.
They were caught red handed using that platform to assist the Failed invasion of Georgia about 13 years ago which goes against the peaceful scientific mission of the ISS.. so good-bye!
That module can serve as a partial down-payment on all the leased Boeings and Airbii Putin has decided to keep.
Terry Briggs 17
Good riddance to bad rubbish.
Tim Segulin 6
Russia is in serious financial straits right now. This could be a silly fit if pique designed to hide the fact they can no longer afford to be part of the ISS.
If carried out it could spell of the end on an historic space program. There are now private alternatives anyway.
Dale Ballok 6
The space program was doing fine before they joined in, and will continue to do so in the future without them.
Good riddance, murdering sub-humans.
D Chambers 5
Vlad the Impaler must die. Quickly.
this may very well be just more of the russian and vladmir putins "puffery"as in all of the threats they have been making..with the many sanctions against them, russia has no money to keep up their own space program, and their attitude is to just "show everyone" how they are in charge..the space program has always mattered and i think the u.s. can continue without the assist of the russians..
Dale Ballok 2
Always tugging on everybody else’s coattails!
do svidaniya
Don Whyte 7
Russia can freeze in the dark as far as I'm concerned. In spite of their great authors, composers, dancers, scientists etc. It's their military and politicians that have always been the problem.
Russian is thinking that without a Soyuz docked to the station, orbit will not be maintained and it will eventually crash. I'm betting SpaceX will say 'We got this' and will adapt a either a Dragon or send a Falcon 9 second stage to the station to make up the loss. Hey Russia, who needs you?
Don Whyte 5
I'm pukin on Putin
No one cares
Let’s see, how succinctly can I phrase this? Buh-Bye!
Small problem with all this yahoo-ing folks, the US lacks re-boost capability. This is the requirement to regularly increase the stations speed to maintain orbit and to allow it to dodge incoming space-junk.

In other words, it this is true, it ends the life of the ISS pretty much immediately. $100B flushed down the drain!
Elon Musk has already proposed using Dragon for re-boost.
What SpaceX will need to do to make this a reality is to incorporate Super Draco’s in the trunk of the existing Dragon. That’s not going to be easy but I would bet money SpaceX can pull that off quickly.

What isn’t quick is the NASA certification of that combination. Whether a desperate need will give a government department a hurry up will remain to be seen, but history isn’t on the side of the ISS for this one.

I do wonder whether this is Rogozin mouthing off again and actually they don’t mean it.
dmanuel 1
Good point. Do you (or anyone on this topic) know how much of the ISS annual operating expenses will NASA need to cover? Are any of the critical ECLSS components Russian (making repair/replacement difficult)?
Alas no, I’m just an interested observer of all things space!
NASA will get the money.
Mike G 1
Very ambiguous statement by Rogozin. He says the decision has been taken, but he can't talk about it or say what the decision is. He can only say "we’ll inform our partners about the end of our work on the ISS with a year’s notice." But they aren't giving notice at this time. Seems like trying to make a threat without actually following through.
I think they made a statement hoping that the furor over the war will die down and sanctions will be lifted before they need to make good on that statement. Unless those cosmonauts are anti-putin's war, I can imagine there is a cold war rebirth on the ISS. Talk about it being cold in outer space, it's probably just as cold inside too.
David Stark 1
Propaganda, already debunked the the actual head of their space agency and NASA.
Craig Good 1
No. This is bad reporting. It's not what he said.

Always Snopes before you post.
I have to disagree. The report is UNPROVEN. In no way was it proven to be false. Just the fact that the Russians say they are going to give a year's notice lends me to believe they are hoping that the furor over the Ukraine war and the majority, if not all, sanctions will be lifted and then it will be business as usual. If they had said,"we're pulling our guys immediately", one would have reason to think it was a bluff. I stand by my statement that the U.S. should say no one year advance notice required. Adios.
MJ Frank 1
If that is the case then why was there a change of command to a Russian just a few days ago? Doesn't seem like a good idea imo
Something like this happened in "2010: The Year We Make Contact", but in that film the American and Soviet crew members were too far from Earth to enable a quick departure. Instead they just went into separate ships, until "something wonderful" was about to occur...
There is really nothing more they could of Done.
Mike Boote -1
Who cares?
It's my understanding the ISS relies on Russia for periodic re-boosts to keep the orbit from deteriorating. Without this, the ISS will de-orbit uncontrollably and land disastrously who knows where. Not good.
Matt Lacey -1
Fake news. Bluster from Rogozin and an irresponsible headline. Read the Ars Technica article for a proper take.
Did anyone notice that Russia says they will give "a year's notice." Biden should say, " Nah, that's alright, you can go now."
R Leland -2
I'll be waiting for Scott Kelly to roll in with an opinion of this potential development. All those who post below should read his books to understand the value of the ISS.
John Prukop -3
You all seem to forget that Russia provides the rides back and forth to the ISS. Biden just shot himself in the foot!

Vlad isn't the enemy; it's the U.S. State Department and Biden's lackey's, including the queer actor Zelensky. WAKE UP!


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