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Tibet Airlines A319 suffers runway overrun, catches fire in Chongqing

A Tíbet Airlines Airbus A319 caught fire after an aborted takeoff in Chongqing… ( More...

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Cleffer 9
"Suffered an abnormality". Seems like a light-hearted phrase considering what we're dealing with here.
hf633626 8
That is what the CAAC said in their official statement, nothing else has been said about why they decided to abort.
dodger4 4
What it probably means is: "Nothing that a little 100-mph tape won't fix"
william baker 2
Oh MH370 Where are you lol????
o 艹 -9
I also saw the news and posted it here, but it seems that I sent it first.
Tim Dyck 2
It’s here so does it matter who posted first?


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