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China Closes Airspace to foreign Russian Airbus and Boeing Aircraft

The Chinese Civil Aviation Authority (CAAC) has anounced it is closing its airspace to foreign owned Russian Boeing and Airbus aircraft… ( 기타...

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jmilleratp 11
I am surprised, and honestly, pleased that China is taking this stand. But, from a practical standpoint, as others have said here, you don't want planes that could break down in China. And you wouldn't want potentially unsafe aircraft flying in your airspace. Because they instantly become YOUR problem once they enter China.
Why be surprised , only normal unsafe aircraft or aircraft not following security standards not be allowed within a country . Chinese are not stupid, they may say yes when they mean no, but they will not put its population on unsafe aircraft.
lynx318 1
This is China Communist Party shenanigans, outward intentions might be good but there will be some money grubbing reason they're doing this. Personal wealth is their only true agenda, honour is ignored.
China is doing this over safety concerns, and not to appease the U.S. or because they believe in Russian sanctions. I think most of you are aware of this, but some comments seem to miss the point.
Greg S 11
This seems like a huge blow, at least symbolically. Russia views China as a key ally in its quest to create an alternative to the Western world order. There were already signs that China was hesitant to play that role for Russia.
It's a valid concern and Chinese probably don't want planes un airworthy to land and stuck in China.

Chinese aren't stupid and their long-standing policies regarding desputed territories is "you don't touch it and we won't touch it".
This is why Hong Kong SAR and Macow SAR will remain there until at least 2050s'. Neither can really stop Chinese forcefully take over like Taiwan, who technically still have a ongoing civil war with the communist party in Beijing.

Chinese economy relies on export and there are production machinery Chinese need only available in Japan, Europe and United States.
Ed Kostiuk -2
Since the current administration is undergoing a policy revision on imported Tariff taxes from China, I suspect it may be hand-in-hand with our Gvt and China demanding the tariff taxes be scaled back. Economists claim the previous administration created this economic downturn we are facing over those taxes. Still, considering that China never gave us high-quality goods, I can argue both sides of that coin.
Any economist that blames this on Trump is either totally partisan or dumber than a rock. I just flew 280k pounds of rubber dog 💩 back from Shenzhen. Freight has increased throughout the WuFlu not gone down. In the short term it might have dropped because of their WuFlu policies there, hopefully for good. Need to manufacture ourselves or use another country. The Leftists don’t want a good economy they want manufactured pain.
Perhaps, in addition to safety concerns, China simply does not want to be the decision maker if a leasing company tries to seize one of its aircraft that have been reregistered to Russia
So it's red tape, not a policy shift by China... Too bad.
ADXbear 3
Awesome. Nice to China is moving in our direction.
wishful thinking...
Wierd. Why not Tupelov or Sukhoi?
The same thought crossed my mind when I first read this. Parts shortages and a disdain for proper procedures should be affecting the domestic manufacturers' quality nearly as much. Totally agree with Joe Keifer's question. Why not Tupolev too?
Maybe that will be the next step if Russia doesn't comply with China's demands.
John Ward -6
A little considered thought might be wise to avoid the embarrassment of posting a rather silly question!
Joe Keifer -3
Nothing embarasses me. What embarrasses you?
I could not open the article. Only Airbus and Boeing or are other Russian owned airplanes under the same rules?
China rates every airline regarding maintenance issues or emergencies declared. You get points and can lose your rights to fly there.
And yet the Chinese had no compunction with unleashing a deadly virus - either intentionally or negligently - on the entire planet.
If you have a Veto right within the useless UN, you are allowed to do whatever you want. Maybe the pilots get back on the job in the US but elware the whole aviation industry (let alone the travel and hospitality industry) is still suffering.
mimana -2
What did really happen in 2013 and 2014 in Kiev? What a strange change to provoke a war. With media controlled and/or banned from the public, we are all supporting the side we have been instructed to by CNN/MSNBC/DW/BBC
mimana -2
I smell the stench of Soros in the middle of this conflict..


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