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Behind the Names and Registrations of Virgin Atlantic Aircraft

Virgin Atlantic is unique in that every aircraft has a story behind its registration. Sometimes the links between the name and registration are fairly obvious, as with ‘Miss Moneypenny’ which is registered G-VSPY. Some are more tenuous such as ‘West End Girl’, G-VMAP, and others which seemingly make no sense whatsoever, as with ‘Ruby Tuesday’, G-VXLG. ( More...

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Atanu Dey 4
My favorite Virgin Atlantic B747 name is "Tubular Belle" -- named for the Mike Oldfield album Tubular Bells -- the one that launched the success of Virgin Records.
21voyageur 3
Nice! Perhaps the author may learn something here. Ruby Tuesday - Rolling Stones.
Morgan McCarroll 3
While I can’t see the connection between G-VXLG and Ruby Tuesday, the fact that she’s a 747 makes the registration obvious. ;)
Peter Fuller 3
Some Virgin Atlantic fleet details here:

I like a couple of A330-300s: ‘Beauty Queen’ registered G-VSXY; and ‘Uptown Girl’ registered G-VNYC, referencing the Billy Joel song.
21voyageur 1
The author needs to expand his knowledge or at the very least take the time to perform a background search. There are obvious reasons for the names if he would just look. Think outside the aviation box son, think of music as an example (ref: Ruby Tuesday). If you want to be a writer, do your homework please.
Bruce Horwitz 2
The question is not where did Ruby Tuesday come from... the question is how does Ruby Tuesday relate to the "XLG" in the registration. @Morgan McCarroll suggests it's because Ruby is a 747 but again, what's the XLG connection to the name?
John Mahoney 1
Possibly XLG as in Xtra Large?
21voyageur 0
Then the author should articulate his point. Failed to do so.
John Mahoney 6
If Bruce and the rest of the commenters, myself included, were able to pick up on this, I would respectfully suggest that the issue does not lie with the author's delivery.
21voyageur -3
I respectfully beg to differ. The author did not fully support his statement "and others which seemingly make no sense whatsoever, as with ‘Ruby Tuesday’. There is a line of thought as to why Ruby Tuesday was chosen and he chose not to follow it.

Anyway, enough said on such an inconsequential topic. So it goes.

Bruce Horwitz 6
Okay, since you "beg to differ" you owe it to the rest of us to "articulate" your point... abd not just sign out.

You don't know how much he searched for a connection. He didn't say he didn't know what "Ruby Tuesday" was, just that it made no sense for a plane with registration XLG to be named Ruby Tuesday.

In your original post, you imply that you "know" there's an easy way to discover the connection, and you repeat that claim here, saying "There is a line of thought as to why Ruby Tuesday was chosen and he chose not to follow it."

So, again I ask, do tell. 'Cause I sure don't see the "line of thought" that you do.
Bruce Horwitz 2
Apparently, the connection between XLG and Ruby Tuesday is clear to you. Please do share your insight, insight that the author, myself, and several other posters don't seem to have.


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