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Boeing ‘Almost There’ on 787 Dreamliner Delivery Restart

Boeing Co. is laying plans to restart 787 Dreamliner handovers that have been largely halted since late 2020, notifying customers of their place in the delivery queue as it works with US regulators to complete the final paperwork. The planemaker is “almost there” on returning the Dreamliner to service, said Stan Deal, head of Boeing’s commercial airplane division. The company has reviewed the carbon-composite frames for tiny structural imperfections with regulators and key suppliers. He didn’t… ( 기타...

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wiregold 3
"Almost there" is not a ringing endorsement.
If they gave a date the news media would start anew with "money hungry, bottom-line profit and schedule-driven…"
Nicely done, Boeing!
"Almost there"? "final paperwork"? All just redux. So what do they do with the piles of parked white-tails?
srobak 5
start painting them
They're parked in a very pretty formation at the CHS facility. Maybe the government will tell Boeing that they need to use them as homeless shelters till the government gets through all the new paperwork.
srobak 2
"Close/Almost There" only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, drive-in movies, thermonuclear weapons, and star wars trench runs.
"Almost there" is like being a "little pregnant..."
Not really. A "little pregnant" means something has actually occurred. "Almost there" means nothing has occurred yet.
mbrews 2
From the article - "As of mid-May, nearly 120 undelivered Dreamliners were in storage or undergoing inspections and repairs ..."

Further from the article - " Hundreds of undelivered aircraft are stashed around its <Boeings> factories and in storage yards, including around 330 Max and about 30 of the hulking 777X, which won’t enter the market until 2025, according to Ron Epstein, an analyst with Bank of America. "
I thought they built 3 of the 777X?
mbrews 1
I copied the article verbatim as 30 of 777x. I too am skeptical ; the only 777x I've see on flightaware doing test flights are the three regis. numbers N779XW N779XY N779XZ

People from Everett could provide a sanity check whether there are 27 more (as work in progress or sub-assemblies )
Was at SC facility in May 2021. Saw many but not hundreds of finished planes. And a government official needs to inspect each and every delivery? Proof government would screw up a "wet dream".

What is the government doing regarding the potential A350 skin issues?

Finally, what is the safety record of the 787? Sorry to be asking the government all of these stupid questions.
But would you trust Boeing to self-certify?
I would under certain circumstances. In my opinion (not fact), Boeing got into this position on the 787 because of lousy "line management" and lousy leadership at the top. It is my understanding those changes have been made. What documentation has to do with this after all this time is bewildering. Govt and Boeing need to agree to quality matrix and if Boeing fails, they lose a defense contract or the ability to compete for one for a specific amount of time.
Larry Toler 2
That really makes sense. With a skilled workforce and experienced management why should we even have government looking over our shoulders (the same inspectors who are even less qualified then a factory worker)? Industry wide, no one seems to know what they're supposed to be doing anymore.
That's what got them into this sh*t show to start with.
What got them here was not the process it was then people. If I am wrong and those material management changes have not been successfully made, than this discussion for me is a moot point and they will eventually cease to be an ongoing concern.
In other words, the check is in the mail.
SkyAware123 -1
Nobody trusts Boeing anymore. Nobody
Except all of the airlines that order more planes and those groups in DC that keep buying their stuff. Common on. As an I vector you may have a point due to all of the red ink management created the past 3 years. But with all of the whining on this site I would still rather fly a Boeing and mainly because Boeing's need real pilots. I.don't need a kid.from Google flying me around in an A320.
This is one of the most inciteful comments I've seen here in quite a while.
SkyAware123 1
You mean Airbus now builds more advanced planes that actually work ? lol. What a crock of shit.
In the near future there won't be any pilots in a plane.
And when the pilots go, I will not fly. Sorry I'm just an old fart that has been saved at least 5 times in my life by great piloting. BTW, 4 of those severe emergencies were on Douglas stuff and one on a 727. Not bad for over 20M flight miles since 81.
Bob Hearst 0
330 Max's, 130 787's, 30 777x in storage ? Is this info current 6/17/22 ?


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