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Go-Karting in the Sky? Lovenie Has You Covered

French startup Lovenie is shaking up the future of aviation with a new go-kart product and business model. Tests commence soon, with the product on track to debut next year. ( More...

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Rick Wald 6
Modern Air Vehicle hosting an Ancient WebSPEED site????

My wife INSISTS that I get soon as the New $5,000,000 life Insurance policy is in place.....😎

She loves me So Much!!😋
John Mahoney 2
Hi, we're working to fix our website. Server broke down. Should be fixed within the next day or so.
WOW - that is THE slowest website I've been on since dial-up with AOL! "You've got mail!"

As I type, the page is loading. That looks like a blast - I want one, but probably can't afford it undoubtedly. Maybe some day!
sparkie624 3
Now that just looks like fun... 2 Meters off the Ground... between 6 & 7 Feet... Will be interest to see how that one goes... I would try it out, Remembering my old Go-Carting Days
bbabis 3
I agree. It’s just the trading of paint or taking the air off one’s rotors that worries me.
sparkie624 3
I hear ya... I don't think the Rotors will take damage and it should stay stable based on what I know about quad copters... Would be fun to race them or just fly them for Fun.
Glenn Moyer 1
Nope. Not working yet for me.
Pop November 1
link does not work.
Richard Stueven 1
It's back.
Richard Stueven 2
...and it's broken again. They must be getting a lot of traffic.
Richard Stueven 2
This one works:
sparkie624 1
It worked when I posted it... If they had taken it down it would have given an error.. Server probably down... try later and maybe they will have it fixed.
patrick baker 0
such a swell idea to make surface upwards congested and crazy as egomaniac "pilots", intrepid sky-Karters make the sky full of noise and movement just like they do on their jet-skis at the shore.
Rich Boddy 2
My condolences that you're an absolutely miserable human being.
Lee Withers 2
Reread and see where the activity will take place.
Dan Chiasson 0
Maximum altitude of 6.5 feet? Why is this even on the FlightAware site? 2 bit marketing.
sparkie624 1
For 1, it was posted by a user and FA is not making anything off it.. 2ndly... It looks quite interesting... If they come to my area, I will certainly fly one of them...
Dan Chiasson -1
Are you representing FA?
sparkie624 1
No... I only represent myself and what I stand for.
Dan Chiasson -1
So you are not aware if FA is making something off this. Thanks for the update.
Dan Chiasson -4
So, , , how much is FlightAware potentially making to help market this toy?

FlightAware , , , care to reply?
lynx318 2
Fun at parties much???
sparkie624 1
Spoil Sport.... Anyway you look at it.. They just look like fun!
Dan Chiasson -1
Fun yes but this is an aviation site (last I checked). A maximum altitude of 6.5 feet places this, IMHO, in general entertainment. Not aviation.And not even close. I there a website for go-carts???? Would be more appropriate there. If we look at the name of this website - Flight Aware, I would suggest that such a story is a loooooooong stretch.
Tim Dyck 2
You have the option of not reading articles your not interested in.
Dan Chiasson -3
Yes but this used to be a Flight/Aviation website. With the buy-out, that certainly slipped.


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