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Here’s Why Boeing Isn’t Worried About The Airbus A321XLR

The imminent service launch of the Airbus A321XLR is set to shake up the world of narrowbody operations. With up to 11 hours flying time for a range of 4,700 NM, the XLR will be capable of connecting distant city pairs with low-capacity services, ideal for helping airlines break into unserved markets. Boeing does not have anything that can directly compete with the A321XLR. Its largest narrowbody, which is also not yet in service, is the 737 MAX 10. Designed to carry 188 – 204 passengers, it… ( More...

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patrick baker 2
i didn't quite get what the boeing apologist was glossing over, what he was ignoring, and what he was trying to use his slight-of -hand commentary on. If airlines put into service the XLR on previously non-served city pairs because now the XLR can generate revenues and earnings, and if BOeing has no direct competitor now or in the works, then what is he talking about? Airlines will purchase the XLR to fly routes profitably where no similar sized boeing aircraft can fly and compete. Also, if an X LR can be substituted for a wide body and then generate profits where the widebody could not, then those arguements are silly
Mike Boote 2
The headline "Here's Why Boeing Isn't Worried..." should have been written as "Here's Why Boeing Has Thrown Up Their Hands...". What a weird article.
patrick baker 1


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