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Passenger says British Airways crew member cried amid string of setbacks that caused flight to land 29 hours late

A British Airways crew member cried amid a string of setbacks that caused a flight to be delayed by 29 hours, a passenger told La Repubblica. Around 180 passengers were booked onto the flight, from Naples International Airport to London Heathrow Airport, which was scheduled ( 기타...

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crew members are human beings who get tired,frustrated and yes,cry if they have problems or issues..they have required hours of flight time for which they get paid,but most airlines do not pay for ground stops or dealays,per my knowlege of it,so it the crew had to be delayed 29 hours,they had a reason to cry!!!
Dan Pond 1
Tired and frustrated, no doubt. Missed a friend’s wedding, funeral, child’s birthday…… all possible. Don’t be hasty in judging someone’s emotions when you have no information.
IF you are going to write an article for God's sake write a full-blown article, not bullet points with half-baked remarks.
You’ve seen what passes as journalism these days, right? This is likely up for a Pulitzer!


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