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PHOTOS: Ground Collision at Barcelona Airport

On August 30, 2022, an Air Senegal Airbus A319, registered as 6V-AMB, collided with a catering truck during pushback. The aircraft was preparing to perform a flight from Barcelona to Dakar when its left wingtip hit the truck. There are no reported injuries resulting from the collision. ( More...

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Jim Blake 6
....don't worry, it'll buff out... ;)
sparkie624 3
Yeah, but what about that Innocent Truck.... :)
Tim Dyck 2
That will buff out too. It’s just a catering truck so really not that important unless you like airplane food.

sparkie624 3
UGH... Airplane food back in the 60's was good... In the 70's, not bad, 80's barely acceptable, Today... UGH
Ken Riehl 4
There’s always plenty of people out there after an incident like this. But there’s never enough people out there to walk the wings when you’re pushing back.
rmchambers 3
They almost had the truck on its side for maximum points scored.
D Chambers 2
Toreadors 0, Bull 1. Jolly good show! Goooaaal!
Peter Fuller 2
Air Senegal, not a major player in Barcelona, almost certainly contracts out for ground and ramp services. No doubt the contractor’s gonna get the bills for aircraft repair and loss of use.
Dave Mathes 2
...damn the pushback all to hell!...
Peter Carey 2
Not a good day on the ramp. My wing walkers called in sick.
sparkie624 3
WOW... I can only imagine the extent that is going to be required to inspect that A/C for further flight... It either almost or did knock that truck over!
James Simms 2
The truck got trucked…
Tim Dyck 1
Ouch! This could have been much worse and I hope it never happens again.
sparkie624 2
It will... It has happened before and it will happen again.. Just like Gear Up Landings... there is always a Next time... Just don't want to be the one!


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