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Queen Elizabeth's Coffin Transport Became the Most Tracked Flight in History

The Queen's coffin traveled via an RAF C-17 from Edinburgh to London (RAF Northolt) on Tuesday, September 13th. This was the Queen's final flight, and it is one of the most tracked flights in history. ( More...

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Joanne Crist 5
I did not track it, but this wonderful woman gave her life, since the age of 10 when her Uncle abdicated the throne, to her country, the Commonwealth and her faith. Perhaps the coffin was tracked as people held her in high regard and, God-forbid, even loved her. They wanted to know when she touched down in England, her final resting place as queues had already begun to form in order to pay their respects.
James Simms 3
While on Temporary Duty w/Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe (SHAPE) during the Summer of 1996, they gave me a week off that I spent exploring London. Took the opportunity to take the Buckingham Palace tour that I’ll always have fond memories of.

Mailed Cards of Sympathy w/a written note inside to both the British Embassy & The Royal Family. In my Lifelong Learning Senior Adult class on the training of RAF & Free French pilots in the Deep South during the early days of WW2, I had a picture of the Queen up on the slide & held a Moment of Silence for her.
Bill Piper 5
and the plane's registration was ZZi77, which turned upside down reads LLIZZ!
cpalexander 2
Close, but it was ZZ177 - with the number 1, not the letter i.
sharon bias 5
I tracked it. Had to wait about 3 minutes before the site would allow me to access the data. I had to refresh once to keep on-line. It was interesting to watch the airspace around the plane. It was decidedly empty.
Orson May 2
I did not track either. She was the epitome of a leader and will be missed by many, brit or not!!
cpalexander 2
I tried to track the fight on FlightAware, but the server(s) were saturated. Regarding Sharon Bias’ post about the empty airspace surrounding the flight, in British airspace no other flights are allowed on the same route as the sovereign’s route within 15 minutes of flying time.
Dave Nosek 1
Same thing happens when the president is flying.
John Ross 2
I was hoping the Queens flight would come down the east coast
cpalexander 0
Correction: “…track the flight…”
Shenghao Han -9
Great news, better than the other flight almost triggered a war between two nations...

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cpalexander 5
Anthropometry of a coffin is not a factor. Her Majesty's wishes and those of her survivors are.
Al Meneses 2
You are correct due to the fact that US does not have Kings or Queens, but they did transport JFK, RFK, and Ronald Ragan.
SorenTwin 1
"They", obviously meaning UK. You know, where the Queen was from.
Joanne Crist 1
Would you prefer that she was cremated?
SorenTwin 2
Said no such thing. Stay on topic.
msetera -5
I would. Cemeteries are a complete waste of land.


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