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PHOTOS: United Boeing 737 MAX Slides Into Grass at Florida Airport

A United Boeing 737 MAX 9 slid into muddy grass during a rainstorm at Fort Myers Southwest Florida International Airport. After the pilots attempted full power in order to get the aircraft back onto the tarmac, emergency crews were called to assist. ( More...

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James Driskell 20
So aeroxplorer doesn't like ad blockers. Too bad!
ToddBaldwin3 3
That's what these guys do. Look at the squawk history of the arkviation and you'll find that the only thing they have posted is articles from Aeroxplorer. Arkviation most likely works for them. Other posts of Aeroxplorer articles are from people that have some connection to the site. It's run by mostly high school and college age kids. That why most of their articles are fairly short and not very in-depth.
Jerry Rocteur 3
I copy the article title and usually, I find the articles on other sites that don't force me to watch ads.
Jerry Rocteur 3
Pete Ostrowski 15
Is he trying to pull a Patroni?
James Simms 26
It wasn’t a 707.

"Mr. Patroni, she won't take much more!"
"Well, She's gonna get it!
Hold on we're going for broke!"
"The instruction book said that was impossible.
Well, that's one nice thing about the 707, she can do everything but read!"
Joe Patroni
John Taylor 6
If it had been a 707, he would have been able to power out of the mud. It was a bad-ass airplane.
gilgraham 3
When it takes full power to taxi....
"Hold up, wait a minute, sump'n aint right!"
B26 invader
21voyageur 5
click bait. Again. Again, Again. ZZZzzzz
Ron Slater 2
Why no video
Mark Kortum 6
There is no video because video of this minor incident would be really boring.
mattbna 2
There was a video floating around on Facebook earlier this week of them trying to power-out of the grass with the engines screaming, but that didn't work at all.
David Beattie 3
Patroni put railroad ties under the wheels!
James Simms -1
Waiting for the anti 737 Max crowd in 4, 3, 2, 1…..

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Gary Bain 9
He/She wasn't landing, he/she was being pushed back out of the gate. Tryhing to be PC this morning...
Jim Allen 1
Ok.. how do you screw up a pushback? You have wing walkers to make sure that doesn’t happen.
John Taylor 6
Shit happens. No one ever made a mistake while wing walking before. Plus, the ground was wet and the tug could have easily lost traction under the weight of a fully loaded aircraft.
ron paliughi 3
How you make a critical comment Allen when you haven’t even read the paragraph. Must be a bug up your………
alex hidveghy 1
Um, not always! I’ve seen “accidents” at my airport when these people don’t follow directions! Also, there’s a tug driver. And tow bar. All could have issues.
It isn’t rocket science…..unless you want it to be.
mattbna 2
Read the first paragraph?
mmc7090 0
Way to go United focus on equity and diversity BS!
Anthony Allen 0
Those 737 Max aircraft seem to have an insatiable desire to make contact with terrain.
Jon Schwartz -4
It's getting scarier and scarier out there......what is going on? Not just in air safety.....the society at large....maybe too complex..not enuf experienced people?
Mark Kortum 6
They want you to be scared. Scared people make bad decisions and give up their freedom.
David Beattie 4
Scared people have to carry an AR-15 to go to the grocery store.
Jon Schwartz -4
I'm scared of them...they have already talked away our freedom..that's why things are so messed up....
alex hidveghy 0
Scared of who, extremists?
What freedom?
Jon Schwartz -3
We have no freedom. They tell us what kind of toilet to go in
21voyageur 10
Well, the weekly slide into political BS has arrived as scheduled. Grow up girls.
Chris B -1
Another grounded Max.........

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

mattbna 12
Clearly, you didn't even read the first paragraph.
alex hidveghy 4
But that as NOT the situation! Please read the WHOLE article to save embarrassing yourself…..


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