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Delta Looking to Acquire Airbus A350-1000s

Delta Air Lines is allegedly interested in acquiring Airbus A350-1000s, with 20 being the target number of jets that the Atlanta-based airline is considering. ( 기타...

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Mike Boote 6
A difficult rumor to deny. This makes perfect sense.
Mike Boote 3
And BTW, weren't some of the LATAM orders that Delta assumed for the -1000's as well?

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There is really no such thing. Just because a plane is assembled in the United States does not mean its components are manufactured here. Also, a planethat is assembled in another country may contain numerous parts built else where, even in the United States. So, your comment is very outdated. Get over it!
SkyAware123 1
You mean " Buy American and fall out of the sky" ......


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