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Jet Slides Off Runway, Briefly Closes Dayton Ohio Airport

Air Wisconsin Flight 3818 to Dayton from Washington, D.C., operating for United Airlines, went off the runway just after 7 p.m. ( More...

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Nathan Cox 5
I like how they call the incident with “minor wing damage” an “accident.”
At least the media did not report it as a crash.
bdarnell 5
"The crash remains under investigation, the OSHP said."
Robert Wright 4
From Live ATC pilot communication "somehow we lost control" for a second there, either braking or steering, could have been a thrust reverser issue or brake possibly
Gregg Bender 4
Gotta love the lack of pertinent details. Aviation reporting has always always bad, but this is pathetic.

Was there weather involved? What kind? TRW? F? Rain++ Giant rocks falling from the skies?
No photos?
How was the wing damaged? Runway light? Vehicle? Sasquatch?

Robert Wright 3
Oh, it happened, I live in Dayton. Daylight, clear skies, 'no weather', so to speak. Local news reached out to the operator, Air Wisconsin, who have not responded in any way shape or form. NTSB is reportedly leading the investigation at this point. Passenger reports are that the plane veered off the runway not long after touchdown.
Gregg Bender 1
Thank you for the details. I didn't mean to imply that it didn't happen, just that the standard of journalism in the article is pretty poor.

bartmiller 1
Landing long and too hot (fast) are the most common mistakes. Sometimes add to that a downwind landing.

Just too many of these incidents over the years.

With so many long runways, it's easy for a pilot to get complacent.
Robert Jorgensen 0
So where'sthe pics of said incident? No pics, it didn't happen.


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