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The 10 Highest-Paying Air Force Jobs

If you are passionate about making a living while serving your country, the Air Force is one of the best industries to consider. ( More...

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Larry Toler 9
The photo at the top of the article shows a Canadian Forces C17. The article was pretty much bs and more of a recruitment for future officers and not us common enlisted folk. That said, a lot of officers I worked with were prior enlisted and got their education while serving.
Also the article states the Air Force is the youngest branch of the US military. I guess the writer didn't get the memo that we now have the Space Force.
David Waterman 1
Would you consider Space Force to be an armed force?
btweston 4
Was this written by a robot or a middle school student?
ToddBaldwin3 1
Not quite, but close. Most of the “staff” at Aeroxplorer seem to be in high school or early college. That is why their stories lack depth or original reporting. They self promote their site by posting their own articles here.
EMK69 3
Not sure who wrote this since all I could find was "staff" BUT never-the-less the Space Force is the youngest branch of our Military System. Might want to keep up with current events.
chugheset 1
Their site was created solely to direct generate ad revenue. The content is the minimum necessary to produce meet contractual commitments. It you visit the site using ad-blocking software, you are quickly notified of such. This is similar to websites that post "Top 5/10-fill in consumer product" that simply provides links to Amazon for referral income.


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